Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

Sorry this is a little late today...

What are the best and worst parts of your pregnancy so far??

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Best part is the movement. I love feeling her kick (most of the time). Worst part was the 5 weeks of bleeding.

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Best- the anticipation/wondering (and the movement, esp. when DH is here to feel it too!)
Worst- having blood drawn. My midwife tried today and couldn't get a single drop out of me... need to go to the lab or hospital to get my 28/30 week bloods done now.

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Best: Feeling the baby move
Worst: Worst morning sickness and it lasted past 20 weeks....even with the meds...

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Best- Definitely feeling baby move. That is really the only thing I like lol!!
Worst- Its a tie. The pelvic pain, and not being able to do things that I want to do.

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Best - Movement!
Worst - The overall exhaustion

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Like - def. just being pregnant and feeling the baby

dislike - all the crap i've gone through and continue to have to deal with...

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Best: finding out the sex with Bill at my side and then going on vacation for a week with him and he felt the baby move.

Worst: feeling like a single mom while Bill is in the army and he misses so much.

Best: feeling the baby
Worst: still vomiting in third tri

Over all I don't think about the baby at all I am still so stuck in Heath limbo land and stressing about getting all his health needs in order and sigining him up for school in Sept. He has an MRI on monday, tour his school on May 4th, surgery on the 9th, and I hope another sleep study before the new baby comes, or I don't know what I am going to do with a newborn an him at a hospital!!!! How did we get to May already......... I have 7 weeks to figure it all out because I don't want to plan anything after my 38th week.

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Best: Feeling baby move, the anticipation.

Worst: I've been so nervous this pregnancy expecting something to go wrong. Sad

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Best: Hearing the girls talk about their baby brother, and the interest they show in him is wonderful!

Worst: When I was pregnant with DD3 I developed this weird back pain that would get horrible until I popped something in my extreme lower back. I WAS hoping it wouldn't show up this time around, but it's back.

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Best part: Movement Biggrin especially when he moves when im talking to him!
Worst: 24/7 heartburn

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Best--my acne has cleared up & I've been migraine free for weeks now Smile and of course feeling her kicking inside me!!!!

Worst--bathroom trips, heartburn & unable to get comfortable at night Sad

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Best-movement and DS saying how excited he is about the baby

Worst-Restless leg syndrome and not sleeping well