Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

If this baby is your first, how old will you be when s/he is born? If it isn't your first, how old WERE you when you had your first? What made this age the "right" time to start your family?

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I will be 28! I feel kind of old :rolleyes: We lived in the city for over 6 years and had no family around, and we knew we wanted to have family around once we had kids, my DH started working a job where we could live basically anywhere so we decided it was time to pack up and move closer to home, 3 weeks after our house closed we were pregnant!

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I was just shy of 23 when I had my DD. DH & I had been together for 3 years before we got married, the married 2 & I had just graduated from college, so we decided it was a good time to start TTC & 6 months later got our BFP. I always thought I'd have babies a little later in my 20's, but I met my DH really young & it just worked out this way Smile

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I will be 26 when I give birth. My family was really surprised when I told them because they all thought I was going to wait till 30. My mom was actually convinced I was never going to have children Wink We were planning to wait because my dh is finishing up his university studies. I was also planning to go to Italy and take Italian classes this summer. Who knows if I would have went? I don't think I could have left my dh for some of the summer.

I realize now that we were ready to have a child. I actually think my dh realized first. Smile Surprising, huh? I still have my dreams, but now my daughter is a part of them all.

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I was 25 years old....but we had tried for 4 I was beyond ready:D

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I will be 25 when he is born. And that was the plan, I think 25 is a good age to start having kids!

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I was prego with DD at 28 and gave birth to her just as I was turning 29.

I didn't want kids too early, I wanted a career and life to explore. I wanted to have children before 35 though. So that put me in the late 20's early 30's for children.

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#1 I was 25
#2 I was 27
#3 I was 29
#4 I baby is due within weeks of my 32nd b-day. I don't want to have any after 35 but I would love 1 more. Starting out in 20's will let me have a big family and still be young when I stop. Maybe another at 34.

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I will be either 19 or 20. My due date is June 28th, and my birthday is 4 days later-july 2, so who knows! I know that sounds young but we started dating young. DH and I have been together since I was 14 and he was 16 and its been 5 1/2 amazing years! Smile

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#1 I was 25
#2 I was 29
#3 I am 32

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I was 29 when Andrea was born. She was a surprise, so I guess it was God's "right time".

I'm 34 now.

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I had just turned 26 when DD was born. I had always wanted kids and really didn't want to wait so when my DH started talking about having kids I was all for it. I was 28 when DD #2 was born and 30 when DS was born. I will be 32 when this LO is born.

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I'll be 30 when the baby is born. If he's on time, my DH will be 30 too...if he's a week late, DH will be 31! Wink
My parents were 29 and 32 when I was born (and had been married for 10 years) so I never really viewed 30 as "old" to start a family.
DH and I will be married just over 6.5 years when the baby is born. I guess it's the "right" time for us because we're financially stable, have had lots of time to travel (in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia!) and we can still have 2 or 3 kids before 35 of we want to.

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I was 23. I was due November 3rd, and my birthday is November 8th, but I ended up delivering in October. So just barely 23 Smile Oh yeah and the "right" part about it, I wasn't 10 Smile haha! I've ALWAYS wanted kids YOUNG, my parents 'jokingly' said they were surprised I waited that long Smile haha I'll be 25 when this one is born and then we're done so we'll be 'younger' parents but that's okay with me, I wanted my kids younger than older and we have been blessed to have them when we did Smile

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I will be 23 when this little guy is born, and our decision to have children now has a lot to do with our goal to retire young. Dh will be almost 27 when we have the baby and it's our goal to be retired by the time we are 55 (50 is even better!!) so we "ideally" would have the kids already out of the house and some what established by that time. Assuming the youngest would be 20 at that time, we would like to be done having kiddos before he is 35. This timing also ended up working really well with my current job and where I aspire to be in the next few years, because (again) "ideally" I would stay in my current position until our youngest is in school, and then I would like to see myself as a Financial Planner which will require a little bit of a different work schedule.

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I was 27 when dd was born, but I turned 28 3 weeks later. I am 30 for this one!:eek:
I always knew I wanted kids, but DH and I really enjoyed our (not kid-friendly) lifestyle for most of our 20s. I have no regrets, I think I needed to get the partying out of my system before settling down. I am a much more patient and easygoing person than I was 10 years ago!! We moved into a house in the suburbs from our apartment downtown 2 weeks before I got my bfp:D The timing was perfect!!

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#1 - I was 20 & he was a surprise
#2 - 27
#3 - 30
#4 - 33

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We started trying when I was 23. However, after years of fertility treatments, dr's appts, a couple of miscarriages and taking a few breaks we finally had DS when I was 33. This time we started trying, had another m/c and gave up and then I got pregnant. I am 36, but my birthday is 4 days after my due date, so we'll see. DH is quite a bit older than I am. He has 2 daughters in their 20's. He has a manditory retirement age at his job and will have to retire when the boys are in high school. Definitely not what we had planned, but it'll be fine. We feel lucky to have the kids we have.

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DD1- I was 18 when she was born, turned 19 a month later.
DD2- I'd been 21 for 3 days when she came!
DD3- 23
DS-I'll be 26 when this little guy shows up!

I started young, and DDs 1 and 3 were surprises, as is DS. DD2 was the only one we really decided on having, LOL.