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Thursday QOTD

What are your typical Friday/Saturday night plans?

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We are out of town a LOT but if we're here we usually go to dinner with friends & take our DD about 1/2 the time. Everyone in our close group of friends has kids now so it can be quite the adventure if we all bring them along!

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It depends on the week. If it is a Bill weekend, I am at home with him on the phone for 3 hours while he drives here, or we are in the car driving to him on Fri. Sat if we are in VT we cook together and after the kids are in bed we just go to his room for some adult time Wink If he is here it's about the same but we tend to stay up and hang out with my Dad and brother if they are here after the kids go to bed.

If it is not a Bill weekend I have been going to my Aunts and working on sewing projects.
It's a t-shirt quilt. I used all my borthers old t-shirts that he left at my parents when he got married, they are from his teen years. I gave it to him this week for his 29th Birthday. (I asked him before cutting up his shirts what he was going to do with them and was told I should give them to goodwill because they no longer fit)

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My DH work schedule is all over the place, so sometimes our "friday nights" is actaully on a monday or tuesday night or some weeks they just dont exist. We never do anything real exciting, maybe a movie or dinner or over to a friends for drinks.....

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We don't do much on the weekends anymore. DH works 50% of them and with DD getting close to 2 she is handful to take anywhere. Sad

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I have worked almost every Frid/Sat night for the last 7 sad is that!?

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I'm usually hanging out with my mom or my sister on Friday nights and Saturdays, since DH works. Saturday nights we usually just hang out at home unless there's something planned. We have to plan everything now with 3 kids, LOL!

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Absolutely nothing! We may go out to eat with the kiddos b/c we never get time to ourselves Sad Just not comfortable leaving my kids with anyone but family & we have NO family here!

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Not much! DH plays poker on fridays a couple times a month. Otherwise, we will occasionally go out for dinner or something but usually just end up staying in. Pretty boring!

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lately not usually anything! By Friday after working all week I'm usually just worn out and DS is in that phase where he won't sit still to save his life, nor does he tolerate a babysitter. I doubt that's going to change when two kids come along.. haha! Besides, we're in a pretty strict budget mode right now, and entertainment isn't in it Smile

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IF we do something, we usually get together with friends and eat dinner/talk/play games.