todays appointment

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todays appointment

I had an ultrasound today to measure my cervical length and it was the same as last week. That was kind of a surprise to me because I really thought that some of the contractions I was having was going to change it. It was really good news to hear. Then he told me that they will be taking the cerclage out at 36 weeks. That is only two weeks and two days away. The end is in sight! One of the doctors said he fully expected me to deliver very shortly after they remove the cerclage. (He said it could be just hours to a day afterward.) I was also told today that I only have two more of the painful 17-P progesterone shots left. Woo Hoo...only two more. I was very happy. So I may not make it to 37 weeks, but 36 would be wonderful. The doctor said that with me already having the steroid shots, they fully expect the baby to do fine at that time. It is just great to know that the end to bed rest is near. Once the cerclage is out I do not have to stay on bed rest, but I will have to be careful because they do not want me to have another prolapse.

The diet they want me to be on is not that bad, but it will be difficult to start keeping track of everything I eat. They did say that I only failed one part and I did not fail it terribly or anything. Of course that makes me want to just ignore it all and not worry about it. Overall, it was a good appointment.

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Wonderful news. Sounds like you will be have a healthy baby in a couple of weeks Smile

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Wow! I can't believe you will probably have your baby in 2 weeks!!:yahoo: And 36 weeks is awesome, that is barely even early. At least you know you don't have to keep track of your diet for very long, right?

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That is WONDERFUL news!!! Yahoo

I'm so glad you've made it this far! Hang in there! Just a little longer left.

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Fantastic news!! You've almost made it!!

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Wow, that is all good news. 2 weeks! That kind of puts me in shock Lol

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Yey!! :yahoo::jumpingbeans::thewave:

No May baby! Smile

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:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: on a great appt. Not to much longer on bedrest....soon your LO will be here!