Todays visit

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Todays visit

(up 20lbs total from first visit at 7 weeks)
Belly was right on track
pee was clear
I drank that GDT orange drink walked in the parking lot while I was waiting for the draw, since the kids where not sitting still in the stroller any other way.
Blood draw was easy
Add a THS to it also since my hart has been going so fast
My BP is up from 2 weeks ago when it was low at 100/60 and today at 118/80. Tessa was giving me a hard time in the waiting room so I was a tad upset at her when the BP was taken, not sure if that factors in or not.
He was not worried that I was tired he said it was part of the third-tri and with 3 others around it's to be expected.
I got a Rx for a yeast infection. I started to itch last night and had a chunky white discharge for the last few days (Sorry if to TMI) and my nipples are sore. Heath has a yeast infection so I think with nursing he passed it to me.

Looks good but he is sideways no longer head down Sad

Overall he said I was a healthy prego and just had to wait the rest of the time now to go into labor. I am going every 2 weeks at this point.

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Glad it was overall a great appointment. Yuck about the YI but hopefully it'll clear up quickly. Sorry baby decided to move sideways but there is plenty of time to go back!

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Glad all went well! Smile

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Sounds great overall.

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Sounds great. I had a YI last week-yuck. So crazy that we're starting to go every 2 wks now. It's starting to feel not so far away!

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I am glad you had a good appt Smile

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Sounds like a great appt!

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sounds like a great apt!