Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

How "hands-on" do you predict (or know from past experience) your DH/SO to be with your new baby?

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My DH is not very helpful in the newborn phase. He is more of "if you need me to do something, tell me" rather than one to take initiative to help. That being said, he is a great dad to our DD & gets more helpful with her the older she has gotten. But yeah, he isn't helpful really at all in the early months! :rolleyes:

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This is our first, so I don't know how helpful he will be. I assume he will be hands on though. I know he wants to be.

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Very hands on. He jumps right in, and has been that way since day one with my first. He is great! I work 3 twelve hour night shifts, so once I go back to work, he will have all three kids pretty much all day and night for three days in a row.

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Dave is a helper by nature so he jumps in even though newborn phase isn't his favorite. He is really good at helping out where needed. He does have to go back to work immediately though so I will get almost all of the night stuff, etc.

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DH did help with DD - although he isn't much of a fan of the newborn phase at all. We took turns getting up in the middle of the night and then he took her to and from daycare.

Now things are different work wise. He is already trying to find ways to get out with helping as much with these two. He is what I call overwhelmed by the idea of twins. He is pretty stressed out right now.

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Bill keeps telling me "You hold the baby this 9 months and I'll hold it for the next 9" I am starting to think if not for breastfeeding he would do everything. I keep telling him this is his baby and I already have 3 to care for. Smile He has 5 others and knows all about the NB stages and is excited, but they are in KY and and with us in NY and him in VT (because of Army) to know your not in the same state as any of your kids is hard on him.

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DH is great at helping-but not really with the newborn. I think he's a little intimidated that a baby is so small. He'll help with everything else around the house and is great with DS now that he's bigger. However, summer is his busiest time of year at work, and I expect he won't really be home much, so I'm glad my mom's coming to stay for a while and my bff is coming to stay with me for a while as well.

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My DH was a great help, except for diapers. I had to ask him to change a diaper if I wanted him to do it. I always thought we made a great team. Because of BFing I did most of the night time stuff. When the kids were preemies though, he would do the bottles (before they could actually BF). I remember many times when he could figure out the babies cries before I could. He always said that I was more sleep deprived than he was so he could figure it out.

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DH is a great help.:D The nb stage isn't his favorite, but dd was a very screamy baby and I just couldn't do it all myself!! He is wonderful with dd now especially since toddlers are so much more fun than newborns!

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My DH will be extremely hands-on. He is so excited to be a dad... his own dad passed away when he was 7 months old so I know he will be very determined to be for his baby what he never had. Plus, it's just the way he is... he helps around the house, very involved with my family, interests, etc.

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I think my Dh will be very hands on, at least i know he wants to be....he is the type that if i ask him to do the dishes or something like that he has no problem doing it, but he would never think to do it on his own, so i guess we will see what happens! He isnt excited about diapers though! Wink

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This will be our first, and i think he'll try really hard to be hands on, but i think the nb stage will def. be intimidating to him. I know he'll be awesome when she's more toddler and can go do things