Tuesday QOTD

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Tuesday QOTD

Do you use credit cards? If so, what one(s) do you have & what do you like/dislike about it?

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I don't have a credit card myself, but DH has three and I hate all of them. Luckily he's good at keeping them paid down.

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I never carry cash on me and always use my credit card. I guess I use it like an ATM card? I pay off what I spend every week / month.

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i have 2 credit cards and then a debt(but i use it as a credit). I have them incase of an emergency and i don't have the cash on me or in the checking account and for gas... otherwise, they don't get used.

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I hate every stinking credit card we have. Thankfully, they AREN'T used (anymore) and are being paid off with the hopes of being totally credit card free by next tax season!!

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I have too many credit cards--Discover, (2) Mastercards, StarCard, JC Penney Card, & a Care Credit card. All my major credit cards are pretty much maxed out Sad but I have paid off my Penneys & Care Credit card so baby steps. My DH get his promotion later this year so we plan on getting our credit card paid off within the first 6-12 months.

I don't carry cash on me ever always use my debit card.

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We pretty much have to use credit. We would like to get rid of it, they say you spend an average of 18% more when using credit vs cash and I believe it. We are not used to carrying cash yet though (although we have ALWAYS paid off our card every month). We have an Alaskan Air Visa so we have always used it so we can get air mileage. The reason we must have it right now is that DH spends tons of money for work then gets reimbursed by check for the receipts. He has had transactions as large as $1200+ dollars at once and even the smaller transactions add up fast. We just can't cover that kind of money easily.

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We use credit cards....but the way you use a debit. So they are all paid off each month. We don't carry a balance. But they are a lot more secure than a debit card.

Which card do I like the most--my American Express, because we get money back at the end of every year. Usually hundreds of dollars....

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I mostly use my ATM from the bank it cost me no fees and it comes out that day from the account so I can check it right away and see what my balance is. (I hate checks, because of how long they take to clear)

I have 2 CC, 1 is a discover card with about 5k on it and I am paying it off but the intrest is about 100 a month alone so it is hard. My min payment is 125 and I pay 150 each month so only making like a 50 dent every month. It has taken a year to pay it down $500. I hate that you have to be in more then 10k in debt for anyone to help with CC debt. I had about 7k on my car loan too but once that is done (I think 18 months) I will be able to roll that out going money into my CC payments. It is hard when I am living on $1,350 a month in childsupport to pay things down. I made the debt when I lost my job after Heath was born and we had a ton of medical bills for him.

I have a Old Navy card that I don't use often unless then are having a sale for "car holders only" and then as soon as I put it on the card I go on line and pay it off. Love $1 flip flops Smile

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I have one mastercard and one visa......the only time i really use them is for on-line shopping and when i get gas at full service stations! Im lazy and i dont have to get out of the car to pay for gas then Biggrin

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We have an AmEx, Discover, & Visa. We pay them off every month & DH is anti-carrying cash so we use them for most everything. AmEx has great cash back rewards so we use that anytime we can, then Discover (unless it is part of their quarterly 5% bonus, then we use that first). We only use our Visa if that is all the store takes.

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I have a Visa. I was really good about not carrying a balance. But when I was put on bedrest at 8 weeks, I had to quit one of my jobs and of course we suddenly had a bunch of unexpected expenses... Car broke down, vet bills for both dogs, etc. So I have been working at paying it down for a couple of months.
I hate it because my interest rate is really high, but that was never a problem until this year:mad:

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I love credit cards and credit card games! We always pay our card off in full, and never pay any interest but we put everything we possibly can on our Visa for the cashback at the end of the year. (I always say - make the credit card work for YOU, don't work for the credit card)

We just recently did $2500 in renos and got 10% off for putting on the retail credit card, plus 1 year with no interest. Since we already had the cash to pay for the reno, we have invested the $2500 in our TFSA and hopefully we can actually be UP 5-6% before the bill comes due in another 11 months.

I also just recently got a new credit card for a $25 gas card.. no intentions of replacing my current card with it, but took the gas card and cancelled the credit. Hehe, what fun!

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Nope. I deal in cash or debit card.