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U/S today

So i had my 3rd anatomy scan today, I saw my Ob May 17 and he wanted to check the facial features again but didnt really say why. When i got to the appt the tech was asking why we were checking the facial features again as the last scan report showed everything was normal, she did the u/s anyway and checked the growth and how he was developing. I have had 6 u/s and have never been able to see his full face until today, and off course the printer wasnt working!! It was pretty neat to see his face completly and the tech even showed me little dimples on his chin Biggrin
She told me he is measuring kinda small at 4lbs 1oz and said he looks to be developing 2 weeks behind, i know the size is just a guess and he can be up to a pound bigger but i am a little worried about him being so behind in the development, im not even 100% sure what that means and how they come to that conclusion. My next dr appt is on friday with my family dr, im not sure if they will forward the scan report to both my family dr and ob or if i will have to wait to go over the results with my Ob on June 16. My dating u/s and fundal measurements have always lined up with my due date so hopefully everything is fine, i will feel better once i talk to the dr i think. The baby is head down now which is good Biggrin It was nice to get to see him one last time before delivery Biggrin

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Awww on the u/s & seeing his face fully esp. the dimple in his chin--sorry the printer wasn't working.

I wouldn't worry to much about him measuring behind until you talk to your OB. The size is just an estimate...so try not to worry to much.

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As long as fundal continues to grow appropriately, I wouldn't worry. As you said, the u/s is an estimate. Plus, they are basic it on averages and some babies are just smaller, period. Hopefully OB will say all is good Smile

Glad you got to see such great images, too bad about the printer.

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I wouldn't worry about the size. They can be off by up to a pound, like you said. Smile And like the PP said, some babies are just smaller and there is nothing wrong with that. If he is two weeks behind, that means he is two weeks smaller than that first sizing U/S you had, which is the most accurate. When you get this far along, it really is just about genetics, IMO, and whether or not you will carry big or small babies-- I bet he is fine! But I know how it is, a momma is gonna worry. Smile

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I think it is only the first 17 weeks that we all have babies that are the same size, and they can use it for dating even the 20 week US is not the best at that and why they don't change your due date. After that genitics take over and they all start to be diff, And EVERY baby is diff.

I am the same person and had 3 diffrent sized kids.
39 weeker that was 7lbs 3oz
41 weeker that was 6lbs 9oz
41 weeker that was 8lbs 9oz
And they all have the same daddy.

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I am so excited for you being able to see his face. At my last u/s I was finally able to see baby B's face for the first time. I wanted to be able to see both of their faces but baby A just wouldn't show us. I love being able to look at them before they are born. 3D u/s are great!

Like others have said, I don't think the size is anything to worry about. They can be so far off.

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Sounds like a fun u/s! Biggrin Like PP have said, they really aren't that accurate on guessing size at this point so don't stress too much unless the dr is worried about it!

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Yup I second everything said about the size, I wouldn't even think two thoughts about it. My last growth scan Aubree's legs were 2 weeks behind, but her head was 1 week ahead-- everything is so odd at this stages. I remember at 35 weeks with DS we were told he was about 6 pounds and he was born at 37 weeks 5.13 pounds.. so honestly, I don't put ANYTHING into growth scans.

But, YAY for being able to see your little guy!!! I love the dimple comment haha!! Smile too cute!!

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So glad you were finally able to see the face-even the dimples! I agree with everyone else on the growth estimate-try not to worry.