Updating you ladies...

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Updating you ladies...

... trying to decide if I'm in early labor or having prodromal labor right now (had a looong labor with DS and prodromal with DD)... too lazy to re-post so here's a link to my birth lodge:
I'm just pissed at myself for taking that bath b/c I cannot get them regular again. Blah.

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Hope everything starts progressing for you here soon. Best of luck to you Smile

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If a bath killed them then it was not real anyway. Enjoy the rest you don't want to be tired out from contractions that where not doing anything for you anyway.

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Hope they start up again. I agree that if the bath threw them off that it is probably not labor contractions, but prodromal supposedly help make your actual labor faster so at least that is promising (that is what I keep telling myself anyway!). Good luck and KUP!

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Keep your head up, I know it is hard. I cried and cried when my labor stalled out and then just pretty much passed out for a while. Big hugs! Hopefully tonight will be different.

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:goodluck: I hope everything gets moving for real soon!!!