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Video Monitor

I went to start our registry today and I'm having a hard time with an item, thought some of you might help.

We have a very old baby monitor with Andrea that we need to replace. We really want a video monitor this time, kind of our one splurge if you know what I mean. The selection is confusing though and prices vary greatly. Anyone know what features might be important? Any experience with any of them?

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I'm interested to hear what others have to say, we've been thinking about getting a video monitor too.

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I have been thinking about getting one too, but I have no clue about the brands...

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Hmmm... you just put this in my brain and now I will be wanting to research. I have no personal experience obviously, but I will let you know what I come across. We can all figure this one out together.

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same here, wanted one but the reviews aren't very good on any of them... maybe i should research outside of babies r us... perhaps best buy or an electronics store carries one???

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We have a video monitor and we have never really used it because it picks up too much interference so that is something to watch out for. We have tried it in three different houses (two different towns even) and all have had really bad problems. It wasn't a cheap one either,we only got it at a good price because the store hubby bworked at was getting out of selling them so it was discounted and then staff discount on top of that.

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I have the Summer Infant Day & Night monitor and have really liked it. I occasionally will get some static on it but usually moving the receiver will fix it. IMO, you have to get one with a portable receiver (there are models that come with large screens that you keep in your room or wherever). It displays color when the lights are on & B/W when they're off, but honestly I NEVER Have the lights on so I don't really understand that feature.

If you have had a lot of problem with interference or live around a lot of other people with kids (like in an apartment complex), you might want to look into a digital monitor (Summer Infant has one, not sure who else...I believe it's called the Safe and Secure model?). With a digital signal, you prevent someone with the same monitor from accidentally coming across your feed and seeing your child/into your home. Definitely something to consider. HTH Biggrin

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Summer Infant Slim & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor

This is the one we registered for. My friend actually has a video moniter and is the one that talked me into getting one. She loves hers (i don't remember the brand she has) and loves that she can just 'look' at the baby without having to go up stairs or get up....and it's and ease of mind thing when she can see the baby is fine...