Weight Loss (Finally!)

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Weight Loss (Finally!)

Sorry to bring this up again, I know there have been a couple topics on this already, but I figure I can't be the one who decided to re-vamp their efforts here for the new year and I am so happy this morning that I just want to share it with someone other than my husband.

So I had been hovering at about 10lbs above my pre-preg weight for about 3 months but as my New Years Resolution I have committed to actually exercising regularly (rather than sporadically) and counting calories (ALL of them). I even got my hubby on board too - which I think is a huge reason I am actually sticking to it, and this morning I was exactly 7lbs less than I weighed on Jan 1st! Yay!!! That is 4lbs above my weight the day I found out I was pregnant. Part of this new regimen is making sure I drink 2+ liters of water a day, so that is a big part of the nice jump start, but man does it feel nice to see some numbers moving!

If I can get to my pre-preg weight the next goal is my wedding weight. I am the first to admit I gained about 15lbs between our wedding and when I actually got pregnant so hopefully I can keep this up. DH has about 15lbs to go to his goal weight (he is also off to a good start and had gained about 20lbs since we met as well)

Anyways, thanks for listening - and now I must ask.. who else is using the New Year to motivate some new healthier habits? How are they going? Does anyone want to check in with me? Maybe we can give each other some additional inspiration!

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Way to go! Having hubby on board is definately a huge motivator.

I'm always trying to lose weight, I've been overweight my whole life. I didn't set a new year's resolution, but I've been working hard to lose some more weight before Nat is done breastfeeding (I was already at pre-preg at Christmas). I've lost a few in these weeks. Part of my trouble is that I can't exercise, I have a foot issue that makes life difficult.

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That's awesome!! :thumbsup: Nice work!

I'm not a big resolution goal-setter; I worked at a gym for a few years & that made me hate New Years (haha). But I started running again about 3.5 weeks PP (and ran until 35 weeks along) so it has slowly come back off without too much stress. Until about the time DS started on solids, I was eating like a starving linebacker Wink so it's taken longer than last time to come off. Currently I've still got 5 lbs to go (gained 38 total), but with my first, I didn't lose all my weight until after I stopped BFing so I'm not too worried about it. I am actually at the weight that I was before getting preggo the first time so I can't complain. And I just started training for a century (100 mile) road bike ride that I'm doing later this summer so I'm hoping to get in better shape than ever!

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I've been back down to my pre-Leo weight for a while. But that's around 30 pounds over my ideal weight, and it doesn't want to dip below 160 at ALL. I'll be getting some Pilates DVD's, I did Pilates after I had DD2 and it really helped me.