What did I just do, ow!

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What did I just do, ow!

Warning: crazy, weird paranoid mom to be question ahead:
About 20 minutes ago I went to sit on the couch. I had a blanket on it and was kind of bunched up. I sat down and the bunched up part was right under my goods. It felt like it jolted something inside of me, like... shoved my uterus up or something....I don't know how to describe it... I had pants on, it just really jolted me funny. I kind of have a tummy ache and feel all weird now. What just happened? Am I okay?

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I'd guess you jostled stuff around. Unless you have some symptoms such as cramping, etc, I would guess everything is okay.

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I don't think you can do any more damage like that then you would durring sex. It may have set off some BH contractions but that's all. As long as your not bleeding don't stress.

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I was going to suggestion a mild BH contrax too. As long as it doesn't pick up a pattern or get too painful, I'm sure its fine Smile