what should baby wear home from hospital?

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what should baby wear home from hospital?

I am trying to pack our bags for the hospital and cant decide what to pack for the baby to wear home......i have a few sleepers and rompers that i think are really cute but my MIL insist i dress the baby in a fleece sleeper, its most likely going to be hot outside, is a fleece sleeper really necessary?? I have one fleece sleeper that she bought for the baby to wear home but i dont really like it.......i am obviously planning on having a blanket for the car ride home, is the baby really going to need be that bundled in the summer??? I have been staring at all the clothes i have for him for hours trying to figure this out.....lol i know it shouldnt be so difficult to figure out......and is a romper to little clothing for a newborn to wear???

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Since I love to keep the "come-home" outfit as a memory keepsake, I also picked something that was really cute. For my girls it was usually a romper or little dress.

I did put a blanket over them too. (So personally I'd go for something you love--regardless of how warm or cool it is...you can always add blankets....)

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I usually pick an outfit that I think is cute for pictures. You want the baby appropriately dressed for the weather. As a post partum nurse, part of our teaching is not overdressing, because of the increased risk of SIDS. Usually if you think of what you are comfortable in, and then add one more layer for the baby, that is perfect. So if you are wearing a tshirt because it is warm out, then either long sleeves, or short sleeves plus a blanket for the baby is how you should dress the baby.

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DS was born in October and he had a little fleece outfit (pants, onsie and jacket..).

For DD, she's getting a onsie and ruffly shorts. Today it was 91º, the low this week is supposed to be 76º. It's getting hot haha

I always pick cute outfits b/c I like to keep them, so I put A TON (way too much hah!) thought into exactly what they are going to wear home.. haha I agree with the others if you're worried about baby not being warm enough, use blankets. Fleece honestly just seems to hot for July..

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Peter came home in a onsie and pants (no coat or blanket) he was an Aug baby in NY.

Tessa had on a summer dress with a blanket (AC on in the car) She was a July baby in GA.

Heath had on a onsie and a hat and crochet pants that I made. He was an Oct baby, we also put one of the hospital reciving blankets over him for the ride home. It was in the 70's in GA at that time of year.

For this one the baby and I have a matching PJ set to come home in. It is a gown for the baby.

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I'm not sure yet what he'll wear home, probably a sleeper, maybe a romper. I agree with the others, way too warm for fleece this time of year.

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I don't have that big of an attachment to the coming home outfit, but for my DD I took a little sundress. But then my DH was freaked about her being warm enough (even though it was August, it was probably "only" 70 degrees out) so he put the UGLY hospital beenie on her plus her little mittens & a receiving blanket so you could barely see what she was wearing anyway. :rolleyes:

So this time, I'm taking a cute beenie for him in case we feel that's necessary again & a little one-piece romper. Nothing too extreme, you want something comfy & weather appropriate.

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I would just pick out whatever you think is cute. It should be warm enough you can dress them in whatever you want. Smile

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LOL... it's as if I posted this question myself! I have been having a hard time with this, but I think he will be wearing a cute guitar onesie (husband plays) and some little shorts...then we will have a blanket on hand. It gets hot here! I think fleece would be waaaaayyyy to hot!

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Definately don't go with the fleece, your poor baby will be sweating! Lol

I'm using a cute little summer outfit and I'll have a blanket in case.

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We live about 2 min from the hospital, so with DS, I said forget it and he wore the hospital onsie and hat home. I couldn't see getting him all dressed up for a 2 min ride, especially since I was so tired. We changed him after we got home and took pictures then. I'm taking a little romper, but we'll see if we even use it.