Who replaced my boobs with bowling balls??

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Who replaced my boobs with bowling balls??

Geeze! They are soo heavy! I've read lots of stuff about using heat to help, but it doesn't seem to do much. Any other suggestions? Does it get a little better soon? Or do I just get used to it? It's actually hard to feed him because of how heavy they are.

In other news, Hunter is jaundice. I know it's common, but it sucks to just watch him lay there.

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I have no personal experience obviously.. but I did take a breastfeeding class. They said to expect engorement for a few days and then it will level out a bit based on needs. They also said if it is hard to bf then to hand express some to loosen it up and then it will be easier to feed them. Let us know how it goes! He is soooo cute!

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If it is too hard for him to eat, I'd express some.

I actually started pumping one breast during the night to help with some of the engorgement. It really helps me a lot.

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Don't worry, you'll have your boobs (or something close to them) back soon! I found with dd that taking a hot shower with the spray right on my boobs really helped... I would let down and the pressure would release just enough that they'd be manageable again:D

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My DD had a hard time eating when my boobs would get super engorged. Expressing a little beforehand helps if needed, but once your boobs figure out his needs, this goes away so hang in there. BFing is really frustrating at first, but then it gets so much easier. The really nice thing (for me anyway) is that once my supply regulated, my boobs deflated significantly.

Sorry about the jaundice Sad Hope it clears up soon.

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I also recommend hand expressing a little also to relieve engorgement before the feeding. Be very careful if you pump, because if you pump and bf back to back or together your body thinks you need more (like if you had twins) and you will get even more engorged. Cold Cabbage leaves in your bra can help with the discomfort also. If the pain is really bad, ice for a bit after the feeding (just don't ice constantly because it can suppress milk production if done constantly).

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Day 12 here and I am just full and not brinks anymore. It will even out but yes it hurts if the baby is a good sleeper and not drinking all the time. I did end up pumping for it but not to much just to comfort because you don't want to tell the breast to keep making it. Just don't stress when at the 2 week mark it seems "gone" because right now you have milk because the placenta was born and your body makes extra incase you had twins or more that needed to be fed. By 2 weeks it will be a supply for 1 based on what he demands/is removed but after feeling so full for 2 weeks, the supply for 1 can make you feel empty between feedings.

Milk is made all the time so your never empty (it makes drops at a time and the baby can get them if latched) and the baby is better at getting it out then a pump so never try to pump to see if you have milk, latch on a baby and wait for swallowing is the only way to tell if you have milk.

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Mine stopped feeling that way after about 2 weeks....now its only when its time for a feeding....