Who is still pregnant?

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Who is still pregnant?

Who else is still pregnant and how are you feeling about it? Has your doctor tried to talk about induction at all? Have you tried anything?

I am going crazy ... I never thought I would make it this far. My doctor wants to induce me on the 20th if I don't have him. I have a lot of episodes of decreased movement and they think he is already at least 8 1/2 pounds. I am so back and forth on this. I really really don't want an induction and we didn't want to even think about it unless I was a week past due, but we believe they are a week behind on my EDD... unless my husband has some amazingly long lasting sperm. So... in our estimation that would put me 1 week 1 day past due.
I have done a lot of walking... eaten a lot of pineapple (the whole thing.. core and all).... eaten eggplant parm, added fresh basil and oregano to lots of stuff, tried spicy food... my husband won't get freaky because his head is so low.. but I have... um... had some personal time with myself if you know what I mean... I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea....

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I am in a lot of pain, and ready to be done. No induction talk yet, my doc is very laid back about it. My son is sick, so she said if he is better at my next appt (Fri) she may try strip my membranes. I had my last one at 39.4 days, so I am sure I will be close to my due date when I go into labor. Last time, it was walking in the evening that finally did it for me. Contractions started on the walk. I understand your frustration though, it is really hard the last few weeks. I am not for induction until 41 weeks unless it is medically necessary. Being a nurse though, after 41 weeks I believe in induction.... the risks go up for the baby being meconium stained when born, and large for gestational age (which can cause difficulty regulating blood sugar), etc. Hopefully, you go into labor in the next few days...take a long walk! Good luck!

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Me! I really, REALLY don't want to be induced again. But my OB will only let me go a week overdue, so it looks like I will be having this baby in the next week no matter what.
I hurt, I am completely freaking exhausted, and I am just so ready to be done. I have been walking TONS (went for an hour today actually), drinking raspberry leaf tea for the last 4 weeks, I've eaten pineapple, dtd, etc. A couple of days ago I even washed all the floors in the house (we have all laminate), including moving all the furniture by myself. The only thing I won't try is castor oil, because of the meconium risk. I just hope this baby gets the eviction notice before I have to go in for induction!!!!

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I am not but my last 2nd and 3rd where 8 days late do I feel you pain. For me relaxing is what did it and I went into labor with my last 3 all at 6am after a good nights sleep. Keep resting it will happen.

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I know you are ready to be done but he just isn't quite ready to come yet. I would go by the EDD they gave you if they did an early dating u/s-- those are most accurate. Inducing before you body is ready increases your risks for complications and a c-section. Inductions are a much harder labor for the mom as well, I know you want to go natural and an induction (by my experience) will make that so hard! My cut-off is 2 weeks overdue-- at 40 weeks, if you still haven't had him, they will have you come in twice a week to monitor him and if there is anything wrong or off, they will take him then-- I personally would chose to be induced at 2 weeks over. As far as size goes-- you can deliver a big baby! Don't let that scare you! Smile Trust your body. Trust that it knows what it's doing.
Drink a glass of wine, RELAX, take a nice long walk with lots of squatting, perhaps try some EPO (http://pregnancy.families.com/blog/can-evening-primrose-oil-help-soften-the-cervix), and I found this site: http://www.lifepassages.net/NaturalInduction.html

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:bigarmhug: I am sorry you are so frustrated...just realize that no matter what baby will be here soon! The last weeks can be so painful and full of emotional turmoil.
Have you tried nipple stim yet with a breast pump or manually? It seemed to always get good contractions going for me. Maybe drink a glass of wine, get a good nights sleep, and first thing in the morning get to stimulating!
And maybe baby just isn't ready yet. The size estimates can be off a lot....
Hang in there! Baby will be here very soon.
(in 3 weeks when I am ready to be DONE, you can remind me that I posted this, LOL)

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My doctor wants me to come in on Monday to discuss induction. I've been trying to talk DH into DTD but so far he hasn't gone for it since it's really uncomfortable for me. I've tried the nipple stimulation, but it hasn't brought on regular contractions.

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"rebgrace" wrote:

Me! I really, REALLY don't want to be induced again. But my OB will only let me go a week overdue, so it looks like I will be having this baby in the next week no matter what.

Ditto to all of this.

I actually am pretty content staying pregnant for another week to give him a shot to come on his own. I have my moments of discomfort when he nestles his head down into my nerves/cervix or when I have bouts of contractions, but for the most part I'm feeling great & sleeping well so I can't complain. He'll be here soon enough & life will be much more difficult Wink