Yay! Brayden is finally latching!!!!

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Yay! Brayden is finally latching!!!!

Im so happy right now, we had been having a hard time with Brayden latching while BF......he would start out with a good latch for a min or two and then fall asleep and we could never wake him up.....the lactation consultant at the hospital couldnt even wake him up! They said babies with Jaundice are more sleepy and were hoping that as his janudice clears he wake up more easily. This is the second day where i have been able to feed him with just boob! He seems to have really caught on, which is great because it seems like all i would do in a day is try to get him to breastfeed, give him breast milk from a bottle, change him and then pump and then start all over again shortly after! The only thing i am finding is that he spits up more when im BF, maybe im not burping him enough? Its hard to tell how much he has gotten and when i should burp him, how often should he be burped?

Other good news, i woke up this morning feeling great! I can sit down and get up without feeling the pain from my stitches, i feel sooooo much better today!

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Yahoo That is awesome!!

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Great news! Good job momma.

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Good job for sticking with it Smile

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Yahoo I'm glad he has caught on so quickly!! And another Yahoo for feeling so much better!

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I don't have any advice on the BF'ing, but I wanted to say "yay!" for the latching! That's great. I'm glad you are feeling better! I'm getting there (but I also think I'm probably pushing it.. too hard to slow down with a toddler..)

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Each baby is different with the burping, but at minimum you should burp after feeding on each side. You may need to have some patience with the burping though, just because they burp once doesn't mean they are done - I'm relearning this with Natalie right now.