13 week appt.

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13 week appt.

I had my first real appt. yesterday, and we got to hear the heartbeat! It was very cool, my girls were so excited! BPM were in the 150's; Now remember people, we are hoping for a boy this time. Is that low or normal or high? I also have begun to feel some movement the past 2 days...This is my third so I guess that is pretty early but I'm pretty sure it's the nugget!! Anyhow, after we find out the sex things are going to get a bit crazy; We are moving our youngest Payton into Ashlyn's room, re-painting it and getting the girls bunk beds, and then re-doing Payton's room for the new baby; Very busy and exciting, especially if it's a boy! Cross your fingers Smile


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Congrats on the good appt! Not sure about those hb #'s - my Dr. will never tell me the # - he just says "it sounds perfect - what else is there to know"! LOL

I know its early - but i am 13 weeks as well I could swear i felt a little movement the past few nights - well DH confirmed last night - i put hi hand on my lower tummy where i felt the movement and he totally felt it! So I am excited to know its not just my imagination!

:blowingdustblue: Fingers crossed for a boy!

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Glad you had a great appointment! I'll cross my fingers for "boy" for you if you cross yours for "girl" for me Wink
I am definitely feeling movement too. I know it's early, but it all depends on where the baby is in relation to the placenta and your own body. I'm pretty sure I was feeling DS before I REALLY felt him and just thought it was gas/muscle twitches. I still am not always sure if it's just gas, but every once in a while I get a little poke or a wiggle that I am certain is the baby. DS was pretty mellow in utero and he continues to be a mellow kid. I feel this baby a lot already, so I might be in for it!