2/6 QOTD

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2/6 QOTD

What are some of the jobs that you have had? Best ones? Worst ones?

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I have had many interesting jobs, working as a waitress, filing clerk, accountant, and now as a teacher. The worst job I had was working at Disney World. I had dropped out of college for a bit and took a job out there working at one of the resorts at the pool. On days that were slow we would get pulled from our normal jobs and would be asked to work any variety of other jobs at the hotel. There were days I worked in housekeeping and my personal favorite was raking sand out of the grass back into the volleyball pit when it was still windy outside. All the sand kept blowing out as we were trying to clean it up.
That job was what convinced me to go back to school to get my degree.

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Each job had its plus and minus's.. Some were more fun than others but I don't know if I can call any of them best or worst.

-Emergency Room Unit Clerk
-Emergency Medical Technician (both on an Ambulance and at a local amusment park. I was just out of high school when I worked at the local amusement park and that was a favorite. It was all younger people and we felt like we were on the top of the world there. oh the memories...)
-911 Dispatcher
-Emergency Air Ambulance Dispatcher. (aka I dispatch medical helicopters.) (this is my current one and I love what I do but not to sure about where I do it...)

Brenin - I'm so disappointed to hear working at Disney was such a bust! I have always dreamed of working there I almost tried to do a college semester in Disney but my mother was 100% against it so it never happened. Can I ask you what resort you worked at? I am a major Disney Junky!!!!!

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My best jobs have been the ones I do now - singing and teaching voice lessons. I also enjoyed working at Borders one summer, but probably wouldn't have enjoyed it much longer.

I have been in some terrible shows though, where I wanted to tear my hair out rather than be there any longer. Ever tried to climb a ladder (one of the only set pieces) and then die...off the ladder???

I guess the worst job was secretarial work in high school - because I was young, it was just busywork like alphabetizing and filing. Boring!

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I worked at the yacht and beach resort. While it did have its perks, it really just was a good job for showing me how important it was for me to find some direction in my life. I had a great time taking advantage of actually going to Disney and MGM and there were some celebrities that we got to see at the resort too.

I agree the clerical work is so boring. Makes it seem like time is standing still!

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I have had lots of jobs:
Mother's helper/babysitter (starting at age 12 all through highschool)
Cashier at drugstore (that was probably the worst)
Hostess at restaurant
Work study in college working in the lab (making media, doing dishes, doing easy experiments)
Lab technician (same lab but once I graduated with slightly more exciting experiments)
Graduate student (same lab and way more interesting students)
and finally, my best and only adult job working as a research scientist at a pharmaceutical company

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I've had a lot of jobs. In high school my mom owned a pizza shop so of course I had to work there. That was probably the worst place. I have worked as a nanny, bartender, waitress, administrators assistant, and human resource director my fav job. The last job I had was only part time. They weren't willing to hire full time so I became a stay at home mom.