2/7 QOTD

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2/7 QOTD

How many more kiddos do you want?

We were very happy with 2 kids. Now that #3 is on the way I am thinking I might want 1 more who is closer in age to #3. I love how close my older 2 kids are, but I am not sure what life would be like with 4 kids!

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I think this will be our last which makes me sad sometimes. However, as I told my husband the other day, I dont think I can go through another pregnancy. My body is just too tired:( And I'm not even sure how another baby will effect our family (and my sanity). So pretty sure we are done.

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We are thinking 3 total. These 2 will be about 19 mo apart but I'm going to wait a couple of years for the 3rd so makes me think if we want to have a 4th that will Bo close in age to the 3rd. Not sure yet.

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I think this will be the last one for us. We are getting older (I will be 35 and DH will be 40 shortly after this baby comes), and I am not sure my body can handle another one either. I always wanted 2 kids, so this is perfect! DH always said he wanted 3, but I think once we have 2 he will agree with me. Wink

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This is it for us. The 1st trimester was horrible and I had two miscarriages in before this pregnancy that ended late in the 1st trimester. I wanted DD and this baby to be closer in age, but the timing didn't work out. I am 35 and DH is 41 so I think two and done is the right move for us. Not to mention worrying about saving for college tuitions! If I was 10 years younger, I would want to adopt two more kiddos. We'll do that if we win the lottery for sure.