2 more days!!!!

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2 more days!!!!

I have my c-section on Tuesday June 26th! TWO MORE DAYS!!!!

I can't belive it! This whole pregnancy has been so crazy - with the Dr. thinking I would not make it until 35 weeks and now here I am having my baby at 39 weeks!

I am so axious and excited and I know we have everything ready, but I keep trying to just do more and more last minute things to have as many things perfect as possible...including making a list for my husband of how to take care of the house when I am in the hospital (ie...take in the mail, take out the trash, etc...)

I am happy that DH took off on Monday so its just the three of us today and Monday with not much really to do - just enjoy our last 2 days as a family of three!

Thinking i might go treat myself to a pedicure this afternoon, might look for a new purse and pick up some Thank You cards for any baby gifts we may receive.... maybe take Joseph to see Madagascar 3 tomorrow?

OMG! I am so excited!!!! Can't wait to meet my baby and find out if its a boy or girl!

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woohoo for 2 more days!!! Sounds like a great 2 days with you and your family of 3!!! Enjoy the 2 days and good luck on Tuesday!!!!

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That's so exciting! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl Smile

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Eeeeek! So glad that you have made it to term! I can't wait to hear what your little peanut will be! Enjoy your last few days as a fam of 3 Smile

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Wow! Talk about hurry up and wait! Can't believe the big day is tomorrow! KUP and GL!

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How lovely that you've had some time to spend together on your last days as a family of three! Hope you were able to pamper yourself a little like you mentioned. Wishing you a fantastic c/s today and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. So thrilled for you!

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Woohoo, it's baby day! Can't wait to hear the update and how everything went and especially what flavor of baby it is! Maybe our second kiddos will not only share a birth month, but a birth day, I am REALLY still hoping I go into labor today Smile Starting to lose hope, but maybe....?