33 Week Appointment

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33 Week Appointment

[LEFT]Kinley is feet first *cry* she better flip I don't want my fifth baby to be the one to force me into a c-section. I know we have until 37 weeks for her to turn but GRRR this kid was head down for weeks and now all of a sudden the other way is better Sad I know I can try some stuff to turn her but because I have SPD I have to be very careful with what I do so as not to harm my body further.

I lost more weight so that puts weight gain at zero weight loss at 12+ lbs.

We setup a consult with the anesthetist[/LEFT]
[LEFT]so that I can explain my needle issues and we can work out a plan for pain management before I am in labor. I am not sure if I posted here or not but I have some serious needle issues and have always gone though childbirth without any pain relief because I am too afraid of needles.

In the past the telemetry at our hospital has sucked and because I am always an induction mom I have been forced to stay in the bed to labor so that they can constantly monitor the baby's heart rate. But I have found out that this time that is not going to be an issue because the telemetry is awesome now and I will even be able to use the shower or jacuzzi tub. My hope is the consult with the anesthetist for the epidural is just in case and that I won't actually request one because I will be able to labor my own way this time.

Because of how I have had to labor in the past my labors have gotten longer not shorter, I started at 2 hrs 49 mins with the first and ended up at 10 hours plus by the time I had my fourth with the time increasing in between each time.

I measured ahead last appt and am measuring right on this time so thats a good thing, other then that nothing fabulous lol

If you read all this great. I don't tend to post here often because it is slow so fingers crossed now that we are getting closer we are around to respond to each other and post more Smile[/LEFT]

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Ohh, I'm so sorry that she flipped to feet down. There is still time, and I hope she decides to flip around.

I hope your meeting with the anesthetist goes well.

Sounds like you are just getting anxious as the time gets closer. I am with you. I am 100% confident in my decision to have a c-section, but I am getting nervous about everything too. Luckily, as we get even more uncomfortable, I'm pretty sure we'll be ready to get these babies out no matter what! Nature's way of preparing us for childbirth. Smile Hang in there!

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That sucks, hopefully baby flips in time. There's things the doctor can do to make baby flip, isn't there?