36 week appt

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36 week appt

As one of the last July due dates, I just had a 36 wk appt, we saw a new doctor because ours is on vacation for two weeks. He did the group B strep swap and a cervical check, I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. We really liked this doctor because he said that the dilation was good and not too common for 36 week first timers, but to still expect to go full term. I liked that he said that because a friend of mine just gave birth and her doctor kept telling her it could happen any day for like 3 weeks before she had her baby. I don't need false hope, I know this baby will come on his own time.

Anyways, I am 98% ready for this baby...diaper bag packed, hospital bag packed, nursery nearly complete(still need to add some family photos to our picture collage), ooooo carseat is being installed by me today(if I can figure it out), I will also be calling pediatricians today, my mom is driving down from WA and should be here tomorrow, and the last big thing we need to purchase is a breast pump(I just haven't decided which one I will need).

And after typing all of that out I actually convinced myself that we are prepared for this new arrival. I cannot wait for this whole pregnancy thing to be over with, my hips and knees are killing me...and my back, and ribs, and need I say more! Smile

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Yeah glad u had a good 36 weeks appointment!!! You sound like your just about ready!! yeah! I have a few little things left but mostly I'm ready too!! I can't wait, I feel like this month is going to crawl by!!!

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Yep, I'm a late July-er here too! Glad you had a good appt! Sounds like your body is making good progress.

I feel you on being ready. I've been pretty much ready for about a week and a half, and now I feel like I have too much time on my hands to think about how miserable I am and how I'm kind of nervous for the c/s (even though I'm sure it's what I want) and for having a new baby around. Still, I can't wait to meet him and see his little face!

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UGH, yes...too much time to feel uncomfortable with no more work, no other kids to take care of(except DH), and no projects(not that I would want to do anything now anyways...I mean come on if it's nearly impossible/uncomfortable to wipe then how are we suppose to do anything else) Smile

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I got lots of stuff done today in the baby's room and have a mostly packed hospital bag. I finally feel like it would be okay if this LO makes his/her appearance now, but I would still like more time. In all likelyhood, I will still be pregnant past my due date of July 18 and honestly, that's okay with me (as long as the weather stays towards less humid).