37 weeks and picked the names!

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37 weeks and picked the names!

Hi Ladies. I am 37 weeks so full-term today - yeah! Also I think last night that DH and I settled on a boy's name so we are ready with names for both genders. I still want this baby to stay put for at least another 10 days (I have 2 days of work left, then we are going to DH's parent's house for the weekend, stopping for a night at our friend's lake house on the way home and will come home on Tuesday). Then we have a party on the 4th so after that is when I will have time to get baby's room ready (wash clothes, put curtains and pictures up and decide what I have to buy, find the car seat and the base and get DH to install it in the car, pack my hospital bag, get my eyebrows waxed.....).

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Yay!! Glad you have found names. I had to laugh about the eyebrows lol. I was just telling my Dh I needed mine done before baby, and he was like, "Really that is a high priority?" Haha, yes, yes, yes it is!! Hope baby stays put long enough for you to get all the little last minute things done Smile

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Congrats on 37 weeks! Here's hoping your baby stays put and you can have some fun for a few days. GL getting all those last minute things done!

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I just got my hair cut last week, and am thinking of moving up my pedicure to make sure I get it before baby comes. A girl has to think about all those new baby/mommy pictures you know!

Congrats on full term, hope you get all you need to done!

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Congrats on being full-term, and also on having both your names set. Honestly that was the hardest part of getting ready for us - we had a tough time on names this time around!

I totally agree on the personal care. I'm really hoping to make it to 38 weeks so that I can keep my hair and facial appointments. I really don't want to have inches of roots and a face full of zits in addition to feeling like crap! Smile