Alijah Maddix is here.

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Alijah Maddix is here.

Sorry this is a little late but it as been a whirlwind. Alijah arrived by csection at 12:46 am on 7/14. He refused to be a Friday the 13th baby. I'll update this with the whole birth story hopefully after we get home tomorrow. Alijah is very healthy and doing amazing. He was 7 lbs even and 21 in long. His apgars where 9 and 9. He is doing very well nursing and latching. Still waiting for milk to come in. When I update with story I'm hoping to add pics also.

Congrats to those that have gone around same time and food luck to those hat are still waiting.

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Congrats! Welcome to the world Alijah!

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Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pics!