Another trip to L&D

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Another trip to L&D

So if you remember from this post my doctor put me on a modified bed rest schedule shortly after my cerclage to get me off my feet and rest more. Well, last Friday (aka day 2 of MBR) I started having pretty regular contractions that were fairly painful. I laid down, propped my feet up and started chugging water. My contractions slowed down, but did not stop so I ended up calling my doctor. Even after laying down I was having 6+ contractions an hour so she told me to head back to L&D to be monitored.

After about 45 minutes of monitoring the nurse said they were concerned because most of my contractions were longer than 50 seconds (they consider 40+ seconds pre-labor) and were higher than some level they look at. She started me on Terbutaline to control the contractions, which eventually helped after several doses spread over a few hours.

So we spent the weekend at L&D being monitored and making sure the Terbutaline worked. That drug is awful- it makes your heart race so they were constantly checking my blood pressure and heart rate, and both machines were constantly going off.

I was finally discharged with order of strict bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I have to take the devil drug Terbutaline every 6 hours to control my contractions. I'll still go in every 2 weeks so my doctor can keep a close eye on me.

So much for the wonderful modified bed rest I was so excited about. Sad Praying my little boy keeps baking for SEVERAL more weeks!

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I'm so sorry to hear that Amanda. I understand how scary it is to be heading to L&D when it's way too early for your baby to be born. I went through something similar in my first pregnancy and it was really tough. I'm so glad the medications worked for you.

I did want to mention that I took Terbutaline during my first pregnancy but my Perinatologist informed me that the FDA has now contraindicated the medication. She said she no longer prescribes the medication, even though she did not agree with the FDA's decision. She now prescribes a medication that relaxes smooth muscles but I cannot remember what it's normally prescribed for. (It's not an asthma medication like Terbutaline.) If I were you, since you will be on this medication longer term, I would discuss other possible options with your doctor. It may be a little late to start 17P but I believe I started 17P injections at 23 weeks with my last pregnancy and I did not have my DD until 36 weeks. I only took Terbutaline when I was having a particularly bad episode of constant contractions. Again, maybe it's something you could discuss with your doctor?

Below is the info about Terbutaline

I also wanted you to know that there is a High Risk Pregnancy Board here that it looks like I will be hosting or co-hosting. It's still a slow board but hopefully we can get more people over there to offer support for one another. Feel free to post over there about this if you like.

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Oh Wow Amanda .... how scary for you. I know bed rest must be boring - but it seems like it is necassary for you and in the end it will be worth it...

I ould be on "pintrest" all day if I were you! LOL

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Amanda, I don't know what to say except that I am sending lots of good wishes your way. Hang in there.

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Oh no! How scary! I'm glad you're home and everything is good for the moment. Sorry about the bed rest but this way you can keep your little one baking. Sending you good thoughts!

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Oh, that is scary! I hope your LO keeps baking for many more weeks, and that the weeks go by quickly for you! And I'm sorry about the bedrest, this is pretty early to be put on strict bedrest. Ugh. I just hope it goes by fast!

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Thanks for the info, Kayla. I am printing and will bring to my doctor appointment next week.

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I am so sorry to hear this Sad I hope that time flies by and that July comes quickly so you can have that sweet baby boy in your arms, and all this bed rest business will just be a distant memory.

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Sad That's awful. Im sorry you have to deal with this. Hopefully baby keeps baking, don't want him coming out too soon.

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That sounds so scary! I am gald they are taking good care of you...little boy is anxious to meet you, but he better do what he is told and wait. Follow those orders!

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:lurk: Tons of T&P's coming your way Amanda! :bigarmhug:

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Ooh wow. Scary! T&Ps!!!