Anyone see anything?

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Anyone see anything?

looking at the calendar I am between 7 - 9 dpo I believe. It was darkest on the bottom. And the line was pink, not grey. Not getting my hopes up though, don't worry!! I know its still really early...


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I see it, but as you said it looks uneven, which would make me leary, but then again I have not had good luck with IC's. I hope the line gets darker and darker for you!!!

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I do kinda see something....

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I see it! Try another and see if you get the same result?

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I see something at the bottom

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I see what you're looking at. It looks promising, but I'd definitely like to see it darker before calling it definitely a BFP! I hope tomorrow brings you a beautiful line! :goodluck:

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I see it! Did you have the test on a flat surface the whole time? I use ic tests and if they are not placed level, sometimes the color isn't even. Definitely take another one in the morning. Good luck!!!