Baby #8

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Baby #8

Harper was born on 7/5 by repeat c/s at exactly 37 weeks. She was 8lbs 12 oz and 21.25inches. As expected she was transfered to NICU and placed on CPAP where she remains. Hoping she will be discharged soon. CPAP was removed 36 hours ago and nipple feedings began 24 hours ago. She BF for the first time last night and latched like a champ.

The c/s did not go as plan. My sections have always been a jovial party atmosphere until this time when it was realized that my spinal did not take past the skin layer. I refused to be put under so it was tense, painful and full of lots of narcotics.
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Congrats!!! Hope baby Harper comes home soon and that your recovery is easier than it sounds.