Baby is coming!

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Baby is coming!

I'm at the birth center. So far so good, contractions have been totally manageable so far. Getting the GBS antibiotic and hoping it doesn't get too serious before I can get the IV out. Will update when there is something to report Biggrin

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*lurker* Hope everything is going well and you are holding your baby soon!

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Never mind...made some progress but contractions fizzled out. Even the midwife was a bit puzzled because we seemed to be going strong there for a while. I'm home now for a nap and hopefully things pick back up again.

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Sorry for the false start!! Hope ur little one comes soon!!!

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Oh how frustrating! Rest up, I'm sure the real thing will be here before you know it!

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Oh man! I hope the real show starts soon!

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I'm sure things will pick up again soon! Rest up... I bet it'll go really fast once it starts up again!

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Wow, this baby is really giving you a run for your money. I hope you are able to rest and have that baby soon! Good luck.