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Baby To Do Lists

Ok I am sure many of us have started prepping for the arrival of our little ones... I figured I could start a thread for us to keep track of our baby to do lists (also seeing other peoples lists reminds me of stuff I forgot about!)

I have finaly started to make some good headway on preparing for the baby - still need to do the following:


  • Pick boys names (we have some girls names)
  • Assemble crib
  • Decided if I need a double stroller - purchase if so
  • Pre-Register at hospital
  • Purchase a new camera (ours broke months ago!)


  • Set up pack in plays, swing, bouncy seat (all in attic now)
  • Purchase diapers / wipes
  • Install car seat base
  • Pack hospital bag


  • Touch up areas of chipped paint in DS / new baby's room (we have pictures covering the areas now - LOL)
  • Set up playroom more nicely

what do you all have left to do....

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Ooh good idea!


- Clean house, spring clean, de-clutter, organize
- Look up baby names (already have a name picked, but I want to be sure)
- Stockpile on diapers and wipes
- plan babyshower
- work on getting DD#3 to sleep in toddler bed
- Look for and purchase small dresser for baby's clothes


- Set up pack in plays, bouncy seat (still in boxes)
- Purchase last few thngs
- Wash, put away baby clothes, blankets etc
- purchase things for hospital bags
- pack hospital bags
- install car seat base in vehicle


- buy paint and paint DD's dressers (well, DH will do this :p)

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I think this is going to depress me, but why not?! Smile


Have DH finish installing closet doors in DS1's new room
Have DH finish painting everything in DS1's new room.
Have DH move curtains from nursery to new room
Move everything from nursery to big-boy room
Get crib and changing table from storage
Unpack bins of baby clothes, wash
Set up nursery


Finish all other house projects (oh so many)
Find bouncy chair and swing somewhere in storage
Decide on name


Move some of DS1's toys to his room, especially ones with little pieces that are choking hazards

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I feel like I have a ton of stuff to do...but I really don't need to do much...

Get everything out of storage.
Wash all the baby clothes
Pack hospital bags
And I'm still thinking if I want to spend the money on a double stroller or not.

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I am overwhelmed by this! I don't even want to make a list. We have to get DD some big kid furniture and get the office stuff out of the baby's room and get some curtains and a rug. We have to clean the attic (it's finished) to make a section for the office up there and get rid of lots of junk that is up there that we haven't used since we moved in 7 years ago... it's going to be a lot of work.

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Stockpile on diapers

Wash all the clothes I bought, wash the bouncy seat, carseat and install the base

I have everything bought and done already mostly due to blog review stuff I had to set it all up IE pack n play, mobile, bassinet, crib and so much more so that I could take pictures for the postings.

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Let's see:
-Sort through DS' clothes and store anything too small and make room in his closet and dresser for baby clothes
-Wash and put away baby clothes
-Deep clean the cloth dipes and get some more newborn size ones
-Purchase and set up a mini-cosleeper
-Purchase a new infant carseat (we gave away our last one)
-Purchase a baby bathtub
-Get a new basket for our Moses basket stand, since a mouse decided to raise HER babies in the old one while it was in storage in the attic of our old house--ew!
-See about getting a new glider (the one we have isn't comfortable enough, I realized)
-Clean and tune up the breast pump, make sure I have all the parts and bottles, etc. Hopefully I won't need to use it for several months though.
-Clean everything!
I don't know what else. That's enough I guess.

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Well since I have been waiting for this baby to come for over 6 years, I am pretty much ready.........Really the only thing left is to buy a Moby Wrap and a diaper bag. Oh, and a bonus would be finding a bigger house before June, but I will not hold my breath on that one, that will probably have to happen after baby comes.