Baby shower question...

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Baby shower question...

This may be relevant to some of us who already have kids...
My sister just had a baby, and we have a "babywarming" planned for her (decided to just throw a "meet the baby" party rather than a shower because it's her second). I'm guessing something similar will be planned for me, but I have no idea...anyway, the way it is shaking out, I am the only person who will be able to get things ready and set up for the party because my other sister lives in LA and can't come, and my mom has to work the day of the shower and will only be showing up for the actual event. So I was thinking of making it potluck since I don't think I will have time to cook a bunch of food AND get everything set is in the afternoon, so we're just talking light snacks anyway. I was planning to make a cake. My mom thinks it is inappropriate for me to ask people who come to bring food, but I have been asked to bring something to every baby shower I've been to recently and it never seems like anyone minds.
What do you all think?

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I think its fine and have asked people in the past to bring a dish to birthday parties n such. I usually just write "you can bring your favorite side dish if you like" then I provide the main dish/meat, drinks, cake and a side or two of my own. I'm planning my shower right now. I didn't ask people to bring a dish only because it will be after lunch (2pm) and everyone should've eaten by then and we plan on serving finger foods only as well as cake and drinks. Do you plan on doing games?

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We were thinking of doing some simple games. No "guess what kind of candy bar is in the diaper" type things, but something like a baby book for people to write notes in, some kind of activity to get people talking because there will be a lot of people there who don't know each other. Men are also invited to this thing, I believe, so it won't just be women. Since the baby will be there himself, it negates some of the games like "guess the due date" and some other games that make more sense before the baby is born. I am definitely looking for ideas!

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I dont see the problem with asking people to bring something. Around here, most people ask what they can bring anyways when you throw any kind of party. It is kind of expected that you might need a hand with the food, and is a bonus if you dont Smile