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Bad News/Good News

Well AF showed up on Thursday so I'm out for the beginning of July but the good news is I can stick around because of the long month! If this month works out my EDD would be 7/26!

I actually cried for the first time in a the 18 months we've been TTC when I got AF BUT it felt good to just get it all out Smile I'm very excited to start our second cycle of treatment with our RE. We know what to expect this time around and my meds have been adjusted so hopefully it will help me O sooner so I don't have such a short luteal phase. (RE hasn't said anything about this but after reading on the Internet I know mu luteal phase is short and sometimes this means even if the egg fertilizes it doesn't have enough time to implant because the uterus is already starting to shed the lining (sorry TMI). This is my self-diagnosised problem Smile Anyone else had or heard of this problem???

Anyways, I'm hopeful for this next cycle, staying positive and very thankful for the best DH I could possibly ask for. This would truly be an impossible journey without him.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and I'll talk soon since I can still hang out in July!

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I'm sorry you got AF but i'm so glad you have a plan in place for this cycle! this is so frustrating! I wish it could be like a video game where you just try again and didn't have to wait for your body to O!!! LOL sorry I think about this stuff sometimes and DH says I should keep those silly thoughts to myself LOL. Glad you can stay in July though! Hopefully I'll be towards the end of July with you Smile

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Sorry the witch showed! Sounds like you have a great game plan for this cycle though. Hoping the adjusted meds do the trick and you still get your July babe!