Been MIA with weird postpartum symptoms :)

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Been MIA with weird postpartum symptoms :)

Hi ladies, I've been meaning to post on the check-in thread but I just haven't felt up to it. My physical recovery from the c-section was very easy this time, which I'm very grateful for. Emotional recovery has been very difficult. I had some wicked insomnia around 5 weeks pp - couldn't sleep even when Daniel was sleeping, and I pulled several nights in a row where I didn't sleep at all. My anxiety level was also really high, and I spent a lot of time obsessing over SIDS and other horrible things. I ended up seeing my OB because I was just crying all the time, and getting on some meds for a few weeks for both, and those are back to normal now.

But right as I got over the hump with those, I started having some unexplained dizziness that has kept me from driving, which is a big problem in the urban sprawl of Phoenix. I've seen my OB, GP and a neurologist and had an MRI and bloodwork, and we can't seem to find a reason. It has improved some in the last week, making me think it might be hormone-related and my body might be getting back to normal. Still, I have an appointment with an ear doctor next week. It has been extremely depressing and emotional to be stuck at home, except for when I have to go to work, when my parents drive me places like I'm a 15-year-old without a license. They are great and don't complain, but I hate putting them out and feeling dependent. I'm pretty upset about it.

So I haven't been doing great. I am back to work 2.5 days a week, and I am enjoying that, and I'm back to singing and have an audition I'm preparing for, which definitely helps my mental state.

The boys are doing awesome, though. Daniel is very happy and smiley, he hardly ever cries. He is also a really good sleeper, and is growing fast. Honestly, he's just the sweetest thing and I love him to pieces. Time seems to be going faster this second time around, and I'm really trying to savor it. John is a sweet big brother and enjoying Pre-K. DH has had to go out of town twice, once at 5 weeks pp when he went to Mexico for a week, and that was definitely a major challenge, but we survived! If I could just get over the dizziness, life would be nearly perfect!

How's everyone else doing? Anyone having weird postpartum symptoms or adjustments? How are things going for you ladies? Can't believe our babies are 2-3 months old already!

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I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. That sucks about the dizziness. I am glad they seem to be on top of trying to figure out what is going on, and I hope it goes away soon. I couldn't imagine being stuck in the house right now.

We are doing really well. Trent is an awesome baby, sleeping through the night and most of the day still. When he is awake he is so smiley and happy, yesterday I put him in his chair, got distracted, and came back about half an hour later to a smiling cooing baby! It was awesome, but sometimes I wonder if I'm not neglecting him a bit as he so rarely asks for attention, and the other kids ask all the time Smile My bigs are adjusting well too. DD just started full time kindergarten, which she loves, and DS is going to preschool two morning a week, which he loves! I am really lucky on how independent my kids are. For work, I am taking in an extra kid for daycare a few days a week. We just started this week, but it seems to be working out really well. She is 3 years old and really quiet and sweet, which seems to be a good fit with my kids and calms them down a bit. She also goes to the same preschool as DS so I still get a few mornings just with Trent, which will be nice once he finally wakes up to participate in them! She is with us 4 days next week, so we will see how I feel at the end of that.

As for recovery, I wonder if I don't have a touch of PPD. Im not sure if that's what it is or if it is just normal hormones. I am fine most of the time, and then I have these moments of intense sadness that last for a few hours or so. Generally at night when I am tired. It doesn't help that DH works ALL the time and is now going away for a week long hunting trip. Ugg! I dont even want to think about it right now.

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Hi Ladies! Good to hear from you. Caroline is 8 weeks now (almost 2 months). DD1 is doing great and is very helpful and LOVES Caroline. Caroline loves her and that's great. I think C is an easy baby but she does like to be held (especially by me) most of the time. She is sleeping from 10-2ish and 2-5 or 6ish and will stay in bed until 7ish when DD1 wakes up. C nurses and goes right back to sleep so I am feeling more "normal." I am getting anxious about going back to work in Nov. I don't want to at all. I broached the subject with DH and to say he wants me to work would be an understatement. He is so worried about money. I try not to worry him since his dad is terminally ill and just took a turn for the worse and he's on a new, demanding project at work with a new boss. I know I am going to lose it when I have to go back to work and I just hope it doesn't make PPD kick in (I had a touch with DD1 and it was terrible). For now I am trying to enjoy my time at home and get all the love and snuggles I can.

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I'm on my phone but I wanted to chime in real quick and ask if they have checked your inner ear about the dizziness?
I'm glad other than the dizziness you are feeling better and baby is doing good!! Smile

I'll post more later. Sorry so short.