Belly Pics

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Belly Pics

Ok - So I have ntoiced that not many of you ladies have been updating your spaces with and belly pics!

Come on - share your cute little bellies -
I finally popped (for real last week) here are some pics I took of myself today.... so bummed my digital camera is broke so I can only use my phone...



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Wow you look great! Nice bump. Mine isn't so round, its very dispraportionate Idk if its because I am tall, or have a long torsoe...I just took this one today


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Aww, I love the baby bumps Smile You girls look great!

My latest belly pic is in my July Space.....HERE

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18 weeks! I think I finally popped!

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I haven't taken one since the beginning of January, I should probably do that. I am not quite looking pregnant yet just very poofy. I will try to get a pic up this weekend to demonstrate.