The benefits of a July baby

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The benefits of a July baby

I know some of us have been TTC for a while, and some even longer, and some of the threads made me try and see the positive of waiting until now (which hopefully we get some BFPS this month!)

People have told me summer babies sleep better at night.. so that'd be good..

Wont have to chance going to the hospital in the middle of the night in a snow storm/ice.

Will be easier to paint/remodel when its nicer weather.

Baby won't have to be bundled up 24/7.

No school!!! (I go to school... yearround usually..IDK why.. I just cant make up my mind so I just keep going to go... but I really want to take summer off next year) woot!!!

Anyone else got anything good about a summer baby??

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Less germs!! My 4 oldest are all late fall/winter babies and I was so worried about exposing them to the flu and such. Won't have to stress as much with a summer baby Smile Totally agree on the school ting too. I wouldn't have to worry about getting the older boys up and ready for school while sleep deprived with a newborn!

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I had DD in November so having a summer baby would be a new experience for me. I think I would love it Smile

I also go to school year round ... I haven't really decided what to do about school if I get pregnant, but we will figure it out.

I think it will be easier to take a summer baby outside. I realize that we can't take them out in the heat for overly long, but with DD I never took her outside unless it was to go to the car. I was so worried about her being too cold or getting sick. It will be nice to have the end of the summer and mostly the fall to take the baby out to the park or just to be in the yard while DD and our dog run around.

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I hadn't even thought of less germs and that's a big thing! I hope I have a summer baby! I'm immune compromised from being born with a primary immune disease and they think there's almost no chance that I'll pass it on but I worry about it anyway and so it'll be easier on both me and baby if it's in the summer. I also think a summer baby is great because you can find out during some of the most special times of the year. So if it's this month it's while the trees and changing and the weather is changing, which I always think is a special time of year. If it's next month or the next month it's Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. It seems like an exciting time to find out you're pregnant so I hope that's how it works out for us all!

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Just thought of something else-
The early months of being preg when were just "fluffy" and don't look noticeably preggo- will be cold months so we can hide in sweaters!!

When I started TTC before summer I was dreading being in the early months of pregnancy during summer, so then, i just look like an overstuffed porkchop.. Not "cutely" pregnant bump, just flubbery...

I got preggo with DS around xmas, and so it was really easy to hide him until I had popped out in spring! So this wld be niceeeee for those of us who want to keep our bumps a secret!

I also like all of the BBQ'ing in the summer- not so much the food part, but the fact that Kevin cooks, and we have ppl over, so I wont feel as overwhelmed with trying to make dinner in the kitchen alone everynight while taking care of two children, hehe

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I had DD in November and DS in Sept which is hard in Ohio where i lived back then cuz i was stuck in the house for months. After DS was born in sept we were able to go for walks at first for about a month before it started to get cold but then we were stuck in the house. I got PPD and i believe it was partly due to the fact that I was stuck in the house so that would be nice!

I also agree with the less germs thing. I freak out when I have a newborn and an older child is sick i just don't want to be around them. I hate when newborns get sick LOL. I have noticed though, my inlaws are sick alot and since we moved south and haven't been around them as much we don't get as many illnesses. It's sad but true. So we should be better with sickness this time too. I wonder why some people are just prone to illness and seem to carry it with them?

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I read something somewhere don't know if it's true, but it said having a summer baby means a Smarter Child then if you had one in the winter. IDK how that comes into play but if it's true, right on.

My first, DD was a December baby so this will be all new to me.

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Ooh, I love wearing sun dresses during the summer. Super easy pregnancy/post partum wardrobe.

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How about a summer maternity leave??? I think that's the best part about a summer baby! It will be like summer vacation (well, a sleep-deprived summer vacation).

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Cute baby clothesss!!!!! Awwww

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"nmpiche" wrote:

How about a summer maternity leave??? I think that's the best part about a summer baby! It will be like summer vacation (well, a sleep-deprived summer vacation).

This was the whole reason why we started TTC this time of year to begin with so I could have the summer off. I'm disabled and can only work part-time but I'm a licensed teacher so I'm a sub during the school year which means that I have to have a summer job since we don't have any year round schools here. I make the most money subbing and love it. Plus it keeps me in the loop so that if I'm ever able to come off of disability I'll still be in the loop with what's going on in the schools and it'll be easier to get a job. So I'm hoping so bad that we get pregnant this month so that I can have the summer off and just start back up with the school year. That would be so perfect!

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