Beta and U/S today

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Beta and U/S today

So, I had a repeat beta and my first u/s this morning. I wasn't expecting much from the u/s because I knew my numbers would likely still be well under 1000. I was right about the was 742. Not quite perfect doubles, but very close so still moving in the right direction.

As for the u/s...

I was pretty amazed they saw anything with the numbers where they are. The RE wants to see gestational sac and yolk sac before they are really going to be happy with how things are going. So, I have to go back again on Friday for ANOTHER set of b/w and u/s. By then hopefully my numbers will be up around 1400-1500 so they will hopefully see what they are looking for. Of course, that will make me happier and more confident about this, too. Wink

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Awww loookk att the little beannn!!

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Beautiful baby!!

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Glad you got to see a little something in there! Good that numbers are still climbing too. Hopefully you will get some more reassurance next appt. The only good thing about being fertility challenged or high risk.....lots of opportunities to see baby and get numbers checked! Good luck.

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TFS the photo! Good luck on your appointment Friday!

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**Lurker** GReat numbers and a great looking little bean!!!

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Aww! So glad you were able to see something! Can't wait to hear about your next appt!