BFP???? Maybe?

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BFP???? Maybe?

So, I am normally a 28 day cycle kinda girl. Today I am on day 35. I had cramping the day before my period was due, so DPO 13, so I expected my period, when it didnt come, I tested with a frer on DPO 15 and got a neg. I have been waiting for my period, and nothing, not even cramping anymore, so I tested again this morning (dpo 20) with a frer and got a BFP! I am worried this is a false positive though as I have gotten one on a frer before.

Not sure that I am actually looking for any advice, just need to 'talk' about this to someone Is it possible that what I felt on DPO 13 was implantation and it was too soon to get a positive when I tested? I know I ovulated around day 14, as I had a DR appointment, and he told me if i want to get pregnant to run right home and have sex So we DTD on day 13, 15, and 17. Could it have taken 10+ days for implantation to occur? I am so scared to get excited about this! I have also been under a ton of stress, so that could have made me late.

I will definitely be testing again tomorrow!

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Hello! I'm sorry that you have been under a lot of stress:(. I think that stress can delay ovulation, but once you ovulate, nothing will delay period except pregnancy. Regarding the negative on frer, I've heard recently that people have been having issues with them (getting negatives on frer but positives on other brands). I would say that if you got a positive then your pregnant!!! Congrats and wishing you a HH9M!!!

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Update: So I am apparently too impatient to even wait for morning to test again. I hadnt peed since morning, and I had picked up some store brand tests, so I took on a few minutes ago, and.......IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!!! I am really starting to believe it I think. Yea!!!

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Sounds like you are preggers! Congratulations and welcome! Biggrin

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Yay!! Congrats on your BFP!!!

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How exciting! Congratulations on your BFP.

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Yahoo Congrats!

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YAY!!! Congrats!

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Congrats !! That is great !

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That's awesome Smile Congrats and wishing you a HH9M!!!

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Whoohoo! Congrats to you!!

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