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BH fun

These BH contrax are really starting to bum me out! I feel like I've been in prodromal labor for like months. They happen all day mostly spaced far apart, but once in a while I will have a series of them only a few minutes apart and they start to hurt when that happens! I do what the mw keeps telling me: lie down and drink water. And it works. I'm just tired of this. I probably wouldn't mind so much if I weren't anticipating a very short labor. It could be 3-4 hours, or less, so it freaks me out to think IF it turned out to be the real deal I wouldn't have much time to determine that and get to the hospital. And how will I know when I am actually full term that it is the real deal? Sigh. How is everyone else doing with the BH contrax? Do they bother you? I mostly just thought they were cool with DS, like "wow, my body is getting ready!" I'd call DH over to feel my belly. It never worried me with my first.

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I get them regularly. I just take deep breaths til it goes away. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes they don't. I'm not concerned body doesn't seem to like to go into labor on its on, and my labors are plenty of time to figure if its real or not. I wish my labors were short like yours.

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I have been having them as well - every morning for a week now. Last Wednesday I had them every 8-14 mins for 7 hours! I finally called the Dr.... then they slowed down! I totlly thought I was getting close - but an internal exam a few days laster showed I am completly closed and NOTHING is going on!!!

I can't stand thinking "this might be it" so now i am trying to ignore the BH contractions unless I can't talk through them...