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I posted on the June board about morning sickness trying to get a sense of when it started for people. Most said around 6 weeks. Well, I'm a day away from 6 weeks and here it is! I was hoping I'd get lucky. Not too bad, just sort of a mild carsick sensation, but not enough to be debilitating. Just somewhat unpleasant. Anyone else?

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I am not sick yet, but I am a lot earlier then you. I don't remeber when I started getting sick with DS...maybe around 6-8 weeks. It didn't last too long for me and I was usually able to manage it by eating frequently.

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YES!!!It hit me full force today!!! I felt so sick. I ate some toast about an hour after I got up and I felt a little better. I hate the early stages of pregnancy!!!!

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I've felt a slight nausea occasionally, but nothing really to complain about. This morning though I was eating an apple and got half way done and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. Couldn't finish it. It subsided about 10 minutes late and I've been fine ever since. Thats the closest I've gotten to morning sickness. Pop also seems to turn my stomach occassionally......

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I was lucky with DD I didn't get much morning sickness. I got my waves of nasusa at night before bed. I'm wondering if I'm going to get lucky again with #2 when ever that happens.

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I've been starting to have just a touch of nausea...generally at night. But nothing major, just enough to notice.

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So far just a bit of nausea at random times, especially after my prenatals bleh.