Blighted ovum (mc mentioned)

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Blighted ovum (mc mentioned)

On sunday evening, I had a little bit of brown/red discharge. We were on vacation in NYC, so I did not call my doctor until today. It only happened one time and has not happened since.

My doctor had me come in today. She did a vaginal check and did not see any additional blood. She tried to hear the hearbeat but was unable to. She thought it may be due to my uterus being tilted. They send me for an u/s. The sac was only measuring to 7 weeks. I am supposed to be 10 weeks and 2 days. It also looked empty. I did not see any signs of a baby inside of it. They doctor diagnosed it as a blighted ovum. She gave me the options of waiting to miscarry, having a d&c or taking medicine to induce the miscarriage. I chose to wait and they set an appointment for me to come in next week and get the medicine if it did not start. After leaving an processing it all, I called back and had them call in the medicine to induce it. My HCG levels are very high. The doctor confirmed this and said it was because my body was trying to compensate for the blighted ovum. I still feel sick and tired. I have already gained 14 pounds this pregnancy. So, it is just so hard to process. But, I really do not want to feel pregnant anymore when I am not. I think it is really going to mess with my mind.

My problem is that I have read of a few instances where people have been misdiagnosed with blighted ovum. I saw with my eyes (and so did DH) that there was no baby there. I trust my doctor a lot too. But, it is hard for me to make this decision to go forward with taking this medicine. Logically, I know there is no baby there, but I think I am being delusional and hoping that maybe they just could not find it. Has anyone had any experience with this?

I am just so shocked. This pregnancy has felt so real. All of my pregnancy symptoms have been so much stronger than they were with DS. I really thought I would hear two baby heartbeats today, because of how high my hormones have felt. I am suprised there were none...

If you read all of this, thank you. I am just so lost on what to do.

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I am so very sorry!!! I do not have any experience with a Blighted Ovum, but maybe if you are not 100% sure about things see if maybe your Dr. would allow you to come back in a few days to see if there is any change?? I have heard stories of women who Oed much later than they thought and their BO turned out to be babies. Could this maybe be the case for you? I am hoping for the best for you and will be thinking of you. Please keep up updated. I have been through the what if stage with my ectopics and it is not a fun place to be. I am so very sorry that this is all happening drring the Holidays. ((((HGS))))

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I agree with Chrissy. I would ask for another US in a few days just to double check before taking the meds. At my appt. it took my dr a while to find the baby. we saw an empty sack which was a nice size but no baby. She had to call in another dr. and they eventually found it. i've had 2 c-sections before and now my uterus is tilted which was why it was so hard to see it. Good luck in your decision. Hang in there!

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lurker from June** I would wait a week and then ask for another us to confirm. I had a situation when my blood count appeared to be going down, they did an ultrasound and saw nothing. The doc told me I had miscarried and that he would give me a week to mc. A few days later it was realized the nurse made an error with the numbers she wrote down. I went back for an ultrasound and there was a baby and a hb. I know this is not the common thing that happens...but I would just double check.

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I had a m/c last Jan and in that case the baby just stopped growing between 6-7 weeks. There was a hb, but no growth. I was offered the medication but I just couldn't take it, even after an u/s when we could no longer see a hb. I can understand why you are hesitant to take it since you want the baby so much. My body eventually m/c on it's own, maybe that would be the best for you? Good luck, I know it isn't easy.

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I agree that waiting a few days to a week would be a good idea. It sounds like the chances might be slim but I can imagine that it would be hard to take the medication unless you are absolutely certain. I was diagnosed with a miscarriage my last pregnancy. I had some spotting and the u/s revealed an irregular shaped sac and no heartbeat. That was a Thursday and we scheduled a D&C for the following Monday. We spent the weekend mourning our second loss. I didn't eat after midnight on Sunday and went in for my surgery on Minday but they did a routine repeat ultrasound. We saw a healthy sac and a heartbeat!!! My RE diagnosed me with a vanishing twin. I did loose one baby but all along there was still a healthy baby in there that we hadn't seen. That healthy baby is now my 20 month DD. I hope you are able to wait and recheck. Even if it is just for peace of mind.

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*lurker* I had a blighted ovum in July. I too, saw that there were no babies (in my case there were 3 sacs) and scheduled a D&C, but then of course I got online and read how some cases were mistaken, etc. So I cancelled my surgery and opted to just wait it out. I gave myself 2 weeks and just a few days after my decision to wait I started to miscarry naturally. It was not something I care to ever go through again but in my head I just had to know that my body knew this wasn't happening. I made it to 12 weeks before m/c. At this point, I'm comfortable with my decision to wait. It's entirely what you know you can live with and feel comfortable with. I couldn't handle the what ifs. If it had taken any longer than it did I may have asked for an additional u/s before going in for the D&C. Sorry for rambling, I know how hard it is. If it's any consolation I got pregnant in September (it took over a year with the BO) and am now 15 weeks. *hugs*

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Thank you for the responses. I feel so much better after reading them. I am not going to give myself false hope that there is a baby in there still, but I am going to let my body do it naturally. Thank you again and I hope you alll have a HH9M.

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Deanna, I really wish I had something to say that could help ease your pain. I have been in your shoes and I wish it on no one. I'm my case after I found out that there was no heartbeat I bleed for 3 weeks straight without passing embryo. I then elected to do a D&C because it was right before Thanksgiving and I didn't want to be worrying or waiting anymore for my baby to pass. I really am very sorry for your loss but you really sound like a very strong woman and I'm just sure you will pull through this hard time and come out even stronger in the end!

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I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I too suggest that you let your body go through the process naturally rather than opt for drugs of any kind. Best of luck to you...

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"dea8885" wrote:

Thank you for the responses. I feel so much better after reading them. I am not going to give myself false hope that there is a baby in there still, but I am going to let my body do it naturally. Thank you again and I hope you alll have a HH9M.

I understand 100%. When I had a missed miscarriage with my first pregnancy, I wanted my body to do it on it's own as well. I just felt better about my body being ready to let go rather than my baby being removed from me. Unfortunately, I still ended up with a D&C b/c I continue to feel sick and my body was trying to support an nonviable pregnancy. My doctor would only let me wait two weeks and that time came and went. I'm not saying this will happen to you but just something to be prepared for. I do not regret the decision to wait though. Many, many ((hugs)) to you.

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Hugs!! I'm so sorry! :bigarmhug: