Bloat with weight loss?

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Bloat with weight loss?

Hi ladies! I'm coming out of lurkdom to ask a question about bloat. I have not had any m/s, and am 7 weeks by my calculation (Aug 2? - I figured you ladies ahead of me could be more helpful,, which is why I'm posting here and not in Aug). I have being losing weight slowly but steadily, before the pg. I am now 2 lbs lighter than I was 3 weeks ago, and my pants are tighter than they've been in 3 months!

Seriously? Is this typical of early pregnancy bloat? I may be a bit backed up, but I'd expect my weight to be UP not down, if that were the case. Anyone else had something similar?

I'll be around more after next Tuesday, once I have an US and have more peace of mind.

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It was normal for me. Even before my MS kicked in I had not gained a single lb but my pants would not button at 5 weeks. At 7 weeks after my MS kicked in I had lost weight and I was SUPER bloated. Isn't pregnancy fun Smile

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I was super bloated at 7 weeks. I thought I must have gained 10 lbs based on how tight my pants were, but when I weighed myself I'd only gained a pound or so.

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I found out at my appointment Friday that I've lost a pound in the last month. However, I can't fit into any of my regular pants. My tummy has definitely popped. I think it's definitely possible to have blOating and a growing waste without weight gain at first.

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DEFINATLY!!! I felt this way form 6 weeks up until now - my belly is def. bloated (worse on days when I am more back up) but I didn't gain at all yet - maybe 1 lb or two

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It is a pain, but it also happened to me. Before I even figured out for sure I was pregnant (didn't find out until almost 7 weeks) my pants were getting tight. Now, almost 3 months I am already wearing maternity pants. Bloating really changes one's lower shape. I guess drinking plenty of water is suppose to help.