bought some going home from the hospital outfits today

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bought some going home from the hospital outfits today

Since we are having a surprise, I bought both a girl's and a boy's outfit. Technically the boy's outfit is unisex, but it's cute. Both are onesies with footed pants (cute stuff on the feet) and a snap front long sleeve shirt. i have some hats from DD that are unisex and match both outfits. I know it will be July and likely hot so I figured layered would be best. I am going to wash both outfits (it will be sad to have to give the girl's outfit away if this LO is a boy but I just wanted the going home outfit to be something new, not something that was DD's). I also got the giraffe blanket (unisex and cute). I got it from Totsy, not sure if you have to be a member to see it but here they are:

Here is the girl's:
Here is the boy's:

If that girl's owl outfit (at the bottom of the totsy page) wasn't sold out I would have bought it instead.

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I'm not on Totsy so I can't see. I wish I could! But that is really exciting!

I was just thinking about coming home outfits today. My mom offered to buy Newbie a new outfit so he will have something that is just his own. I thought that was perfect because my ILs bought the coming home outfit for DS.

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I am not a Totsy member either so I can't see them, but they sound adorable!! Hard to believe we are getting so close to meeting our little ones!!

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Not a member either so I can't see. I'm anxious to find our going home outfit, but think I'll wait til my baby shower this weekend to see if we get anything that we could use. If not we'll start looking after this weekend Smile

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I can't see them either. However they sound very cute.