Brown discharge? (TMI)

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Brown discharge? (TMI)

Has anyone gotten brownish discharge @ only 4-7 DPO?
And did it turn out to be good news, or an early AF, or...??

Im kind of stumped because I had some mild cramps and now brown discharge in pantyliner and it seems way too early for IB (I got my first pos OPK last Fri, Im assuming I didnt O until Sunday) so if I O'd sunday that'd only put me @ 5DPO.

Wondering if it's a freakishly early AF which isnt due until next Fri..

SIGH.. why is TTC so hard!

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If you know when you ovulated then it shouldn't be AF unless you've had issues with your luteal phase. Even if that was the case, it still seems way early for it to be AF related so I doubt it's that.

I've never heard of IB that early either but maybe someone else has? I had IB (pink spotting) with my last pregnancy but it was the day before I would have expected my period. I think it usually happens closer to the day AF would have arrived.

My only other guess is possibly irritation from BD'ing? I'm sorry you are confused! Not knowing what your body is up to can be so frustrating.

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The first time I got pregnant, I had some spotting and brown discharge that was sort of like a period, and about the same time as my period, but really really really really light. I had light periods to begin with, but not as light as that. Anyway, I thought maybe that was my period (It had always been irregular and weird, so I thought, "whatever!") and was surprised 2-3 weeks later to be having morning sickness and to realize I was pregnant. I figured later that the spotting must have been due to implantation...

I feel for you, the waiting and not knowing exactly whats going on can drive someone crazy!

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I read somewhere that you can bleed a little bit with ovulation. But maybe 4 days is too far out? I hope you figure it out. Good luck TTC.

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Hey Cait!!! I hope that this is a good sign for you. I wish so bad that you get your BFP this month. Keep us posted with how your testing goes....since I know you have probably already started testing!!! Wink