Bummed. Happy. VENT!

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Bummed. Happy. VENT!

Okay, I'm full of mixed feelings right now, so please bare with me!

Today (like 30 minutes ago), I had a regular appointment to check baby's HB, my weight & BP.. you know that kind of stuff; NO ULTRASOUND!! My DF worked today, which was no big deal because again, it was supposed to be a normal check up.... EHHH WRONG!! I was so NOT prepared for what just happened.

First of all, we were on team green to the finish line. We both wanted that surprise moment at the end, and at the very least if we did find out beforehand it would be TOGETHER. So, with that said, you might be able to guess what happened!! Sad

While in the dr.'s office, my OB was checking for the baby's HB via dopler. She was having a really hard time finding it and decided to get the US machine out really fast, just to make sure she could at least see it and give me the all clear. I was fine with that, since I love getting little peaks at the baby. However, literally the second she put the baby on the screen, it was a FULL BOTTOM shot. There was no question at all as to the baby's gender... BOY!! I was shocked it was that simple and fast!! I didn't even get the chance to turn away when she got close to the legs.. it was just right there, plain as day. We had to search around with my last 2 children, and it certainly was not just a BAM, theres your answer.

Now, I'm trying to find a way to tell my DF. Should I just throw it at him when he gets home from work? Wait a while? Maybe just convince him to find out by our next US in a few weeks? IDK what to do?! I feel like I just stole a moment from him or something.. we were supposed to experience that together; not like that!! Not without him there. The whole thing just felt so blah, not like the build up and excitment I was hoping for. Just me, the dr. and a lame '..oh BTW, it's a boy" moment. I'm afraid he will be sad or mad I found out. I know it was an accident.. but still, I cannot help but feel this way.

If you got this far, thanks for listening! I feel better already..

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Awww well first off, congrats. It totally isn't your fault, so that being said, I would just pop out with "So I know what the baby is" When he gets home and then explain you had a surprise ultrasound and the tech accidently told you...Enough said. If he wants to know, tell him. Leave it up to him but he can't be MAD at you!!! At least I don't think my DH would. Especially since it's your third. Good luck, and congrats again!!!!


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Well I'm sorry you found out before you wanted, but congrats on your boy! I would either come clean 100% about what you saw, or I would fudge a little bit. "I saw something that looked pretty definitive today and I think I know. I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure, so I think we should both find out for sure at the next appt."

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I would just tell him that you accidentaly found out and you are so bummed that you couldn't have the great moment and does he want to know... I am sure we won;t be mad - it was a mistake...

We are on team green as well and I too would be totally upset if i accidentally found out - especially alone. Sorry : ( but congrats on the boy!!!!

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Wow, congratulations! Did the doctor confirm it is a boy? If not, I think you can just say you think you know what the baby is. Otherwise, I would tell him the doctor slipped. Let us know what happened and good luck.

I want to be on team green. I think this baby is a boy, but I could be wrong. I just think it would be neat to find out at the birth. I have all girl clothes and friends who want to give me boy stuff if it is a boy, and DH wants to know, so I don't know what we will do, but I know we have to decide by Feb 16. If it is a boy, maybe I will be able to tell like you were able to.

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I agree with the PP tell DH what you think you saw and ask him if he wants to know or wait. Congrats! I so admire all of you who are on team green, I just don't have the patience!