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bummed out

My OB/Gyn office (where I see the midwives) started offering this really cool pregnancy program called "Centering." You start in trimester two and go for a quick check (weight. blood pressure, heartbeat and belly measurement) and then have a shared appointment/class with other moms due near you (two months at a time). They do a different dicussion topic/theme each time. I was excited to start next Monday. Today I got a call that it is only me and one other woman signed up so they won't do it this month and if they can't talk more June & July moms into it they will cancel it. I was so looking forward to it. I wanted to make some friends who would have the same maternity leave. I really hope more women sign up.

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Oh no, that's too bad. I would love to have a class like that to meet other moms in my area. I really miss having mommy friends. I hope they get more people and it doesn't get canceled.

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That sounds like an awesome program, hopefully more women sign up!

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Ooh, I'm doing Centering at my midwife's practice. It's nice. I'm the only one in the class who has a kid already, the others are all first time moms, so that is a little weird. I'm like the experienced old lady or something Smile But it is nice to just be around other women going through the same things as me (only I am also chasing a toddler...) I hope they get more sign-ups for you. You could start hanging out in the waiting room and trying to talk other women into it, lol. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to do that if it were an option, so hopefully they get a few more women on board. Seems like even 4-5 would be enough. I think there are 8 in my group.

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I agree with Maggie in talking to other women who are waiting. Then, I would also see if they have a sign posted anywhere to advertise it because a lot of women probably wouldn't just ask and the dr office might not always remember to suggest it. If there isn't anything in the waiting room maybe you could ask the office if you could make and post a flyer because you really want to take the class.

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That does sound cool! I hope more people join for you.

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Thanks all. There is a big sign and they tell everyone about it. This is the first session they haven't had a huge response for. I do know another mom going there and she isn't doing it because she only wants to see OBs and not midwives. Not sure why, I think the appointments are all the same anyway. The good news is that the office has a mom's group so once you have the baby you can go once a week and hang with other moms. I did that last time and still have some friends so I will do it again. It was mostly first time moms. but I won't mind being "experienced." Better than when they told me I was "of advanced maternal age." I will keep my fingers crossed that they sign more ladies up. Sure wish you ladies could take the classes with me - that would be fun!

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So, nothing set up yet? I am sure the other first-time mothers will appreciate you being there...one who has gone through everything already. Sounds like a great class...