Can't stand the constant worry!

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Can't stand the constant worry!

I need to get to the part in the pregnancy when I can feel like 50 kicks a day! This begining time is so stressful on me (and i am sure for a lot of you too). At my last OB appt Dr. said baby looked perfect, heartbeat was perfect - i have nothing to worry about.... Whay do i still worry if I have a day or tow without symptoms????

I think its b/c of Michelle Dugger - LOL! I mean that lady is an expert at being pregnant and if she had no idea something was wrong, at 20 weeks....well... anyway...

I just need time to speed up a little for my peace of mind!

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I totally agree!! I just want to get past this horrible worry stage!! At the same time I feel so guilty for not enjoying my pregnancy. Too bad there wasn't some sort of window where we could just peek in on our LO every once in a while huh? I am kind of freaking out too. We saw and heard the HB at 7 weeks and I have been sicker than a dog, no bleeding or anything but my next appt isn't until the middle of Jan!!! Gah!!! I will be like 15 weeks by then, so I am constantly worrying that something could/had gone wrong, but then I remind myself not to go there!!

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I am so sick I am on medication and I still worry. I think omg what if something happened but my body just doesn't know it yet. I have a doppler here but it is hit or miss on if I can pick anything up or not. I just want to feel my baby move like you and then will have something new to complain about but will know that all is ok in the same sense.

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I am totally with you ladies. Every morning when I wake up (usually on my stomach) I am relieved that my boobs hurt. I am so tired and sick (despite the medication) but still I worry that all is wrong. Hurry up trimester 2! And you ladies are all ahead of me. My EDD is July 18. Hang in there, we'll get through it together.

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Agree agree agree. Plus, my poor little baby is still only a raspberry since my due date's the end of July. Four more weeks of "danger zone"... I really want it to be 12 weeks already... Fortunately (sort of), nausea is starting to kick in which makes me think this will be "for real"...

What really gets me is the consequences if I don't. I have a single daughter who draws pictures of her mythical brother or sister, she wants one so bad. If this pregnancy doesn't work out, I probably won't get another chance, because my husband doesn't want another, and I'm getting too old... if this pregnancy doesn't work out, I will regret it for the rest of my life, and I will be beyond devastated... just beyond it.

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I completely understand. I was a complete mess my last pregnancy. I'm a worry wart and on top of that we were just coming off of our loss. It made it very hard to stay calm. I can say that this time around I've felt much more at ease.

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Oh, I am a wreck! My first pregnancy ended in a loss and my 2nd my water broke at 31 weeks. I'm terrified that I will lose this one or it will be severely premature. To top it off this is my husbands first baby and he is soooo excited that I'm scared he will be heartbroken if something happens.

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I know i was a worry wart at the begining of my last pregnancy also....I have never had morning sickness (I know - lucky me!) my only side effect in the begining is the sore boobies and some light cramping and back pain... but still I too worry that my something has gone wrong and my body just hasn't gotte the message yet... I guess its what is being a mom is all about... worring from the second they are conceived until the day you die...

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You made it to trimester 2 Jackie! Now you can relax a little. I know I am. Although this pregnancy has sped by for me, I feel like I haven't even had time to worry too much. So different from being pregnant with no other kids to worry you just focus all your worry on the pregnancy, at least I did. I worried a lot more last time.