Caroline Eva is here!

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Caroline Eva is here!

Hi All.

Caroline Eva was born at 3:54am on Monday, July 23. I had a natural, drug-free delivery and only pushed for 14 minutes! This was definitely the way to go for me as the recovery has been so much easier! Caroline had trouble breathing and was immediately intubated and sent to the cardiac NICU at Boston Children's Hospital with DH riding along in the ambulance. I discharged myself six hours after delivery and headed over. After the first day the tube was out and she was on a CPAP to help her breathe. We were transferred back to her birth hospital two days later. She had a feeding tube and some oxygen once the CPAP was off. I was finally able to breast feed on day three and had been pumping like a madwoman. Things are going really well, the feeding tube is out and the oxygen has been off for almost a day and we are supposed to go home tomorrow. DD will be so happy that I am coming home. She has been saying stuff like, "Mommy, Caroline is having a really long turn with you." She wants DH to stay at the hospital instead of me. Photos and full birth story to come once we get settled in at home.

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Congrats! Sounds like you have had your hands very full, hopefully you have someone who can help so you and DH can get some rest. Let me tell you, my mother has been a God send with her expertise. Sending nap/rest vibes your way!

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Congrats!! Glad she is already making such an improvement for you!! Glad u get to go home soon!!

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I thought so when you hadn't posted in so long! Congrats!!! Sorry about the breathing issues, scary, but I'm glad all is well now.

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Oh my goodness, sounds like a harrowing experience! Glad you are home now, and can't wait to see pics of your girls when you get a chance!

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