Carseat arrived today!

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Carseat arrived today!

I'm so excited our new Graco Snugride is here! We left DS' in CA when we moved. I feel better now that we have the carseat, like we are ready now! Of course I still have a ton left to do...need to set up the mini-cosleeper, wipe down all the old baby gear that has been in storage (swing, bouncer, etc), pack the hospital bag...and I realized I need to disinfect and clean my breast pump stuff just in case. I don't plan on using it until we are all settled with BFing (so not for a month or so anyway), but I guess unpredictable things happen that may make it necessary for me to pump right off the bat (hope not, but if I am ready for it, it's less likely to happen, and if I'm not ready, that's the best way to guarantee that it will, right?) How is everyone else doing with stuff? Any exciting purchases arriving?

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I took my car seat out of the box last week, and put the pack n play together and rearranged our bedroom to fit DDs toddler bed and the pack n play for baby. We moved a dresser in to our room for DDs clothes, and we're building a new shelving system for DHs and my clothes. Then I'm going to fix up the shelves that DDs clothes were on, and put all of babies stuff up there....clothes, bibs, blankets, diapers etc. Then our room will be set and ready for baby.

I also just bought this. I got it for $38.

I have that and a bouncer that need to be put together still.

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I just put the carseat in the truck the other day......and boy does it make it seem more real! I had to do it early though, to make sure it fit, or we would be frantically searching for a new car right now. We only have one vehicle and it is a Chevy Colorado.....there isnt room for a piece of paper between those 3 seats Smile

I love that seat Mrs. Disel. I have never seen anything like it before, but love how the baby isnt sitting on the ground, as they are in so many others.

I still have a ton of stuff to do too, but my Dad is coming this weekend, so most of it needs to be done before he gets here (like cleaning the guest bedroom, ie, dumpsite). Most important though, is getting DS moved out of the crib....working on that this week as well.

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Swing/Bouncer combo arrived yesterday, but may be returned to Target because we recently had a friend say they have one from their boy that we could have, so we might be picking that up this weekend and if we like it we will return our new one. And we just got our cheaper changing pad from Target online and will be returning the one we got at the store. We have opened our travel system, but still need to install the car seat. We got this one from Babies R Us and it seems easy to use and comfortable for baby, guess we will find out.