cautiously joining (m/c mentioned)

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cautiously joining (m/c mentioned)

Hi Ladies

Yesterday afternoon I took a test as i've been ridiculously tired for the last three days and was shocked when it came up as a bfp!

I found out on october 4th that I was pregnant but began bleeding very heavily the next day and continued to do so for a week. I had a chemical pregnancy and we were devastated but knew that we wanted to start trying again asap. We began bding on cd10 and dtd every other day and got my bfp yesterday which is cd24 (I have no idea when I ovulated) so I don't know how early I am.

If i'm honest, i'm extremely nervous and terrified that this cycle will end like my last one but at the same time i'm trying to be as positive as I can. Our ttc journey began in June 2006 so the bfp we got last time was a complete shock, to get two in a month, I should be counting my lucky stars.

Anyways fingers crossed to lots more bfps and lots of healthy happy babies being born next summer.

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Congratulations Sazzy!!! Wishing you a very HH9M and sending tons of ((((((stickyvibes)))))) your way!!!

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wooo hoooo! congratulations! I had a chemical pregnancy when we first started trying and then i got pregnant with my daughter and had a perfect pregnancy! She was born 2 weeks early at 7lb 4oz and was perfectly healthy. You will be fine! Sticky vibes to you!!!!!!!

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Good luck! Congratulations
I got pregnant with my son 3 weeks after an early m/c

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Congrats ! ! ! ! ! !


Lots of sticky vibes !!!

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I think being positive is the most helpful thing in this situation - we also have a history of loss, but it certainly doesn't help me to dwell on all the things that could go wrong :). Sending sticky vibes and baby dust your way!

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Welcome to July! I've had losses too so I completely understand. Tons of sticky vibes coming your way!!

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Yay another July bfp!!! Welcome, Sara!