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Check In!!



Due Date:

Other children:

How are you feeling?

Cravings or aversions?

What is your worst symptom?

Are you exercising?

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?

Anything else you want to share?

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Due Date:Mid July (Is it bad I dont know the exact date?)

Other children:Arianna (4), and Conner (2)

How are you feeling?Tired and Nauseous

Cravings or aversions?Really, really want Mr noodle with cheese on them. All I can think of to eat lately. My husband thinks its gross:)

What is your worst symptom?I am just so tired, I can barely make it through the day!

Are you exercising?No energy

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby?Nope, we are set for a boy or girl, and never have found out. We like the surprise.

Anything else you want to share? OMG I am so tired, I cant even get excited about this baby. DOesnt help that only DH and my parents know at this point, so there is no one to get excited with.

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Name: Mandy

Age: 30

Due Date: July 20th

Other children: Two little ones, Caitlin will be 3 in March and DJ is 16 months

How are you feeling? Not so hot today...lots of cramps and back pain

Cravings or aversions? Nothing right now, thank goodness

What is your worst symptom? The cramps, being tired all the time, and the big belly

Are you exercising? Yes, I plan on running a half-marathon in May (I know I am crazy)

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? At first we didn't want to since we already have one of each, but now I think we will find out

Anything else you want to share? I am so emotional right now. In church the other night the priest said we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and all I could think about we my little bean. I felt so silly crying in church like that. Then after church we showed DS's shirt which said Big Brother (since I had told my family earlier that day) and asked if he could figure it out. He quickly told us that we had figured something out Wink This is the same priest that married us three years ago and has baptised our two kiddos since then.

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Name: Nicole

Age: 35

Due Date: July 20 (by u/s) July 22 (by ovulation date)

Other children: Sierra (3.5)

How are you feeling? Nauseous, nauseous, nauseous and tired.

Cravings or aversions? Pretty much every food sounds disgusting to me.

What is your worst symptom? Nausea

Are you exercising? No, too worn out from working full-time and dealing with DD.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? I want to be surprised but DH wants to know so not sure.

Anything else you want to share? I am going to call the dr's office tomorrow to try to get some relief from this nausea...

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Name: Kim

Age: 30

Due Date: not sure, I will get ultra sound on the 27th to find out a due date

Other children: Austin 1 (on the 7th)

How are you feeling? Good, Luckily I don't get any ms.

Cravings or aversions? Loving cheese and carbs. My go too food would be baked pot and cheese and pizza.

What is your worst symptom? hot flashes

Are you exercising? just chasing my son everywhere he decides to run too.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? I would like to cause if I end up with a repeat csection I don't want the surprise, but my dh does not want to know. So we will see when it is time.

Anything else you want to share? Just excited for the 27th when I get to find out when this little bean will be due and to hear the heart beat.

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Age: 25

Due Date: July 4th

Other children: See Siggy

How are you feeling? Okay at the moment, but usually EXTREMELY tired. I'd like to be in bed by 6 or 7 at night, but my other children won't allow that Blum 3 My morning sickness is getting pretty awful too....

Cravings or aversions? Anything that sounds good at the moment Biggrin

What is your worst symptom? Fatigue!!

Are you exercising? No

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? I really want to know, but thinking I might wait this time....not sure yet.

Anything else you want to share?
No, not really.

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Name: Jackie

Age: 33

Due Date: 7/3/12

Other children: Joseph alomst 3 years old

How are you feeling? not too bad, tired & bloated...

Cravings or aversions? no aversions, just craving, mostly take out, pizza, burgers, fries and cucumbers!

What is your worst symptom? nothing to bad yet.

Are you exercising? NEVER! I am way to lazy for that...

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? no - we love the surrpise!

Anything else you want to share? I am really very scared to tell my boss & co-workers...I work in a small office of 3 people, last time I told them I was preggo my boss was fine with it but my co-workers were very unhappy about the amount of extra work they would have to do while i am out on leave - made it VERY uncomfortable for never really got better, but telling them again will make it so much worse...and i don't think I can hide it for much longer...

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Name: Lorah

Age: 27

Due Date: July 3rd 2012

Other children: 14 yr old Brad, 5 yr old Kristin and almost 2 yr old Isabella

How are you feeling? Poopy! :confused: Morning sickness has hit full force and I'm sooo tired!!

Cravings or aversions? Anything Salty or Sour!! (Great now I want some sour skittles! lol) :rolleyes:

What is your worst symptom? Being tired all the time!!

Are you exercising? No Sad

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? YES!!!

Anything else you want to share? I'm getting more scared every day, how am Igonna be a Mommy to 4 kids. We currently live in an apartment and I have the stress of trying to find another home before the baby is due. Ugh!

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Name: Elizabeth

Age: 43

Due Date: July 27

Other children: Julianna, age 6

How are you feeling? not too bad - I wish I was feeling more MS so I would feel safer with the pregnancy...but its still a bit early. Last time, I started feeling MS at 7 weeks, and it peaked about 13 weeks.

Cravings or aversions? I sure like to be eating, but no particular craving

What is your worst symptom? fear and anxiety Smile My best symptom is that my chest is not as flat as it was before...

Are you exercising? Not much, my fear of miscarriage has caused me to cut way down.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Absolutely, too many other unknowns out there, I like to have as much info as possible.

Anything else you want to share? I finally told my husband! I'll post that story later... gotta get back to work! All this siggies are going to give away what I'm doing!!! But generally he took it as well as can be expected.

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Name: Mandie

Age: 32

Due Date: July 30th

Other children: 1 DS- Joey (2)

How are you feeling? Scared,, crudy

Cravings or aversions? Mostly adversions but salty more than sweet

What is your worst symptom? Adversions

Are you exercising? No energy.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Heck ya.

Anything else you want to share?So excitted but really nervous after spotting and cramping over the weekend.

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Name: Christine

Age: 28

Due Date: July 18

Other children: Just my kitties

How are you feeling? Tired, emotional and like I have done 500 crunches but used my uterus intead of my abs!

Cravings or aversions? Apparently this baby likes Balsamic Vinegar because its going on just about anything and everything.

What is your worst symptom? Thankfully my nausea has been pretty minimal (with a few momentary exceptions), but my boobs are KILLING me, I've had a few moments of overwhelmed panic where I just need to take a minute and cry, and if I don't get my mid day nap, watch out!

Are you exercising? I'm walking 4 times a week (2 times with my mother and 2 times with my husband). Its more my time to bond with each of them over these big changes than anything else.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Oh yeah. Lots of inquiring minds around us want to know.

Anything else you want to share? Just really hope my medical hurries up and goes into a effect because I feel so helplessly limited right now Sad

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Name: Andi

Age: 34

Due Date: 7/22 via u/s, 7/28 via my chart, will confirm next week with dr.

Other children: John, 3.5

How are you feeling? Really pretty good! I was so sick by this point with my first pregnancy that every morning I wake up so happy that I don't feel as bad! I do get really hungry mid-afternoon, which does make me feel a bit nauseous, but then I eat a few things and it's fine. I get pretty tired if I have too long of a day but normally I'm not tooooo bad.

Cravings or aversions? No aversions except this one restaurant sounds bad to me. Really craving pizza and Mexican food.

What is your worst symptom? Been really tired the last few days because I had a long day (5:45am-2am) on Saturday. Also not a fan of the bloating. Or being nauseous ever, even though it's not that bad.

Are you exercising? Kind of. I'm in a show right now and I do have one fast cardio-ish dance, plus I'm pretty much on my feet for the whole show, and some days I have two shows. Otherwise, not a chance. No time!

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Of course! I can't wait!

Anything else you want to share? Not really, I'm happy to be pregnant and excited for Christmas!

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Name: Rachel

Age: 25

Due Date: July 27th, have yet to confirm with dr.

Other children: Nope, just a 2yr old pup that doesn't leave my side.

How are you feeling? Nauseous day and night, finally got some relief with seabands that came in the mail today! I didn't think they would work, but so far they are the only things that are making me able to breathe and not as nauseous.

Cravings or aversions? Aversions to everything, but every once in a while I will want something like the other night a bean and cheese burrito and I am eating anything that makes me more hungry than nauseous.

What is your worst symptom? Nausea, one morning it was so bad at work that I left early, went home and cried on my DH's shoulder and he made me go to bed and then made me some top ramen which I ate all gone!

Are you exercising? I try to take a walk when I feel good, maybe 3 times a week. Other than that, too tired and just lay around.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? No, I don't think we will, like people say it's the last suprise on this earth.

Anything else you want to share? I am so lucky to have my DH, he is so supportive and takes care of me. I am trying to take comfort in the nausea because its proof that something is growing, but some days its hard and I am already saying no more kids. I can't wait to be over with this first trimester and start to feel more energetic!

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Name: Mary

Age: 40

Due Date: 7/28

Other children: Joe (7 1/2) and Oliver (5)

How are you feeling? tired, bloated, nauseous

Cravings or aversions? can't stand cheese

What is your worst symptom? nausea

Are you exercising? no

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? yes, not patient enough to wait

Anything else you want to share? My pants are tight at the end of the day...look forward to my pjs. I have an ultrasound on Wed, can't wait!

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Name: Brandi

Age: 26

Due Date: 7/8/12

Other children: No just furbabies

How are you feeling? Tired, on/off nauseated
Cravings or aversions? Meat! really just doesn't do it for me

What is your worst symptom? Sore BB's and nausea with a close second

Are you exercising? Yep try to go to curves 3 times a week

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Yes, hubby and I are too excited not too

Anything else you want to share? Just feeling alot better now after having our first U/S today and hearing the heartbeat! I also love to sleep lol

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Name: Carissa

Age: I will be 29 in 11 days...

Due Date:July 10th, (by US dating)

Other children: DD Ixannah, (9) and DS Mason, Diablo

How are you feeling? Pregnant......Nauseated, tired, sometimes dizzy. Basically sloth like....

Cravings or aversions? It really depends on the day. I have waaay more aversions than cravings. I have been living off of frozen mango, and sour stuff, (pickles, green olives, Suddenly Salad, salt and vinegar chips, etc) which is weird because normally I hate sour stuff...

What is your worst symptom? The nausea.....

Are you exercising? I wish. I was running about 12-17 miles a week before I got preggo, but I just can't seem to find the energy right now, maybe once the 2nd tri hits???

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? I cannot decide....DH is game either way, although I think he would more prefer a surprise. I am such a planner though that the thought of not knowing might drive me nuts!!! This will most likely be our last though so it will be the last chance for a surprise...Sigh I don't

Anything else you want to share? I am just so excited to be here, some of you know my story, and it has been a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG and painful journey to get here, so I am just grateful to be able to share all of this with you all Smile

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Name: Maggie

Age: 33

Due Date: July 2

Other children: DS, Griffin, will be 3 next month--he is awesome!

How are you feeling? OK, but kind of blah. I have days where I feel great and happy, and other days when I feel so down and just yucky. Not too nauseous, luckily, and usually eating something takes care of it. Although the last couple days it has been worse...but was getting better before that. I was feeling really tired, but I've been feeling better the last week or so, like my body is adjusting.

Cravings or aversions? Extremely averse to spaghetti (I think its the smell of the meatballs actually) and fast food sounds really gross, but basically craving everything else, especially protein and, Mexican, etc. Also fruit and yogurt. I cannot eat enough fruit and I have been downing yogurt like they are taking it off the market. The last couple days I craved salad, which is good! Finally something healthy.

What is your worst symptom? I've been on a pretty short fuse, which is tough because I keep losing me temper with DS and I feel bad because it is totally my fault. He's just being a 3 year old. I've also been saying irritable things out loud to DH that normally I would just keep to myself, which has been getting me in trouble. I'm just tired of feeling so yucky in general.

Are you exercising? Occasional walks and I went to one yoga class. I want to exercise more. DH and I used to take a walk every night after work, but lately it has been dark so we haven't been.

Do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? I was thinking not for a while, but DH wants to and I don't really feel that strongly about not finding out, and part of me wants to know, so we probably will. My feelings about it started to change when I realized I really want a girl. For a while I felt like I didn't have a preference, and so not finding out was easier since I just didn't care which it was. Now that I care, I want to find out more so that I can be excited about getting the girl or have time to readjust my thinking and get excited about a brother for DS!

Anything else you want to share? I have a contract I'm working on and have been really unmotivated to work on it. I'm trying to get back into it because I want to get as much done early on as I can so the organization doesn't worry that I won't finish. But I am really excited for the baby. Also nervous!