Check in please!!

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Check in please!!

How is everyone??
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems?
Recent Weight/length??
How's the LO sleeping at night??
Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to?
Anything else???
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How is everyone?? We are good!! I'm having so much fun being a Mommy to four!
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? Breast 100 percent. And it's going great! However, we just had thrush, so I am still treating Charlie for it. My boobs feel so much better now though!!!
Recent Weight/length?? She's gotta be over 12lbs now. She's 21 1/2 inch and head is 15 inch
How's the LO sleeping at night?? She sleeps pretty good. Usually sleeps from Midnight to 6am, up for a nurse and then back down until 9-10am.
Brags?? She's a strong little thing, can hold her head up pretty well now and she's super smiley!
Complaints?? She's sooo gassy. lol I swear I am always trying to figure how a way to get her to fart. hahaha
Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to? Taking care of my other three, and gearing up for football season for my son. Oh and endless housework!! :P)
Anything else???
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My smiley butt and her buddy for life, Zach. Smile (Had to share it Lee-Anne, hope you don't mind!!:D)

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How is everyone?? Pretty good! Still adjusting to two kids, but getting there.
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? Breast. We struggled for a bit, but no problems now. He is finally speeding up his nursing and reducing the frequency, but he was intense there for a bit. He's a milk monster.
Recent Weight/length?? He is a CHUNK! Yesterday, he was 13 lbs, 8 oz.! Been gaining a lb a week since birth and not slowing down...
How's the LO sleeping at night?? Great, usually two wake-ups to nurse. Last night he only woke up once!
Brags?? Besides being a great sleeper, he loves his mama! He just wants to gaze into my eyes all the time Smile He's smiling and loves kicking away in his bouncy seat. Pretty happy guy so far.
Complaints?? He cries on car rides. I have to sit in the back seat so he can see me and DH has to drive everywhere. If I have to go somewhere by myself, I try to go when he is sleepy so he'll fall asleep right away, and I've resorted to using a pacifier in the car.
Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to? Taking care of a preschooler! And entertaining visitors and going visiting. We just got back from a vacation with DH's family--we all rented a beach house. That was fun. We've had people visiting pretty much constantly since Ronan was born, which has been awesome because I have had help this whole time. Now we're gearing up for DS to start school in a couple weeks and trying to enjoy the rest of the summer. Gotta get to the lake a couple more times if we can.
Anything else?? Two kids isn't as hard as I expected, but I am sad that I'm feeling pretty impatient with DS1. I remember a while back I was at a playgroup with a mom with a newish baby and a preschool age kid, and she was SO impatient with the older kid and I remember thinking "I will NOT be like that!" but I can't seem to help it much. It's so hard when he is dawdling or not listening to me and the baby is crying. He's too little to understand things like time management and priorities, and I know that, but sometimes I just can't be patient enough.

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How is everyone?? Okay, we had a rough night as someone wanted to wakeup and play from 1-3am.
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? Breast going well but we are trying to get off the shield.
Recent Weight/length?? 9lbs at 3w4d. One month checkup next Mon.
How's the LO sleeping at night?? Doing a 4-5h stretch from 9 or 10ish until 1ish, then usually down until 4 and nursing every 2h after that.
Brags?? DD2 smiled at DD1 last Thurs then me the next day! So early!
Complaints?? It is so hard to run errands (pick up the house, shower, etc.) since I have to nurse every 2h.
Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to? Picking up the house, watching shows on the DVR, grocery shopping, writing thank-you notes, cooking dinner and playing with DD1.
Anything else??? So much for that nap, it was about 10 min!
Share a photo? Sure, DH took this one of Caroline at 10 days old; she looks like a goofball!

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How is everyone?? I'm so tired.. Getting used to a 2nd child is alot harder than I thought. I just don't feel like I have enough hands and feel like I'm torn in 2 constantly!!
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? We have alot of reflux problems but doing well.
Recent Weight/length?? @ 2 weeks he was 9lbs even. Not back to birth weight yet so we are keeping an eye on his weight.
How's the LO sleeping at night??Lucas can't seem to figure out a schedule at all. One night we will sleep 6 or 7 hours and then for 4 or 5 days he will want 2 or 3 bottles during the night.
Brags?? He is such a Momma's boy and I have to say that I love that. Due to medical problems after DS#1 my Mom became his #1 person and that killed me. So to be that for Lucas feels amazing! ( I know its a wierd brag..)
Complaints?? How the heck do I get anything done? With Lucas's reflux he needs to be help more and DS1 is almost always crawling into my other arm. I am doing laundry right now but its been an event and I don't even have 1 load done yet.
Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to? My parents and my in-laws are both having some major problems going on so we have been trying to support them as much as possible. Its been so stressful.
Anything else??? Maggie I agree with you 150 %!!! I feel like I'm so short with DS1 and I feel awful about it.
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Kicking Butt!

How is everyone?? Doing great, feeling, most of the time, that this is the job I was meant for.

Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? Breastfeeding...going much better since I have been pumping enough a day for DH to feed one night feeding. Sometimes it gets frustrating when he wants to eat every 2 hours, but I know that won't last forever.

Recent Weight/length?? Last week I weighed him on our scale and he was 10.5 lbs at 4 weeks old!!! Such a little chunker, he is adorable.

How's the LO sleeping at night?? Some nights he will go 1 4 hour stretch, usually from 9-1am, and when DH takes that 9-11pm feeding, I sometimes get a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep and what a difference that makes.

Brags?? I got 4 hours of straight sleep last night! and I have been able to keep up with the dishes all week, which makes me feel extremely accomplished.

Complaints?? Sometimes the night feedings with DH are a little loud and I can't get to sleep when I want to and sometimes DH complains because he has been working all day, but he is understanding most of the time. It gets frustrating when DH can't calm baby and will sometimes let him cry more than I would.

Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to? Dishes...not much...isn't it enough to take care of a newborn??? Trying to document as much as possible in his baby books and will eventually put pics in a collage that is hanging in his room, but haven't gotten to it yet. I have been really good at writing a list of things I need to do, but haven't done yet...hoping the new mom card still works for a little while longer.

Anything else???
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Rachel, try wearing earplugs when you go to bed. That's what I do so I don't wake up when DH does the bottle feed while I sleep. I just got some foamy ones from the drug store, nothing special!

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How is everyone?? GREAT!! EVERYONE IS AWESOME.
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? BREASTFEEDING IS GOING GREAT. SHE EATS ALOT! Smile
Recent Weight/length?? AT 9 WEEKS (TODAY) SHE IS 10 LBS 10 OZ AND 23 INCHES! SHE'S GONNA BE TALL!
How's the LO sleeping at night?? DECENT...USUALLY GET 1 4-5 HOUR STRETCH, THEN ITS EVERY 2 HOURS
Anything else??? I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!
Share a photo? OF COURSE!! Smile



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How is everyone?? We are doing pretty well. Getting used to 2 kids
Breast or Bottle? How's that going? Any problems? Breastfeeding. It is going very well. He eats very well and had no latching problems
Recent Weight/length?? Alijah's one month he was 9 lbs 10 oz and 21 3/4 in long.
How's the LO sleeping at night?? He goes back and forth between good nights and bad. Some times we get 4-6 hours and then others is an every 2-3 hours.
Brags?? He is really startng to smile alot and starting to coo and just a little giggle happening.
Complaints?? The cry time, it always seems to be when my husband has him at night.
Besides taking care of a newborn What have you been up to? I started a blog. It is come check it out. I am really liking it and gives me something to do for me.
Anything else??? Nothing much else other then can't wait for all of the holidays to start and the pumpkin patchs. Super excited to take the kids to them.
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